5 Ways to Detoxify GMO’s from the Body


With the rise of big ag companies and what amounts to industrial agriculture in America and around the world, foods which have been genetically modified or raised with heavy pesticides are becoming more widespread  and more difficult to avoid. Part of this is because of labelling laws that do not always inform consumers about what they actually are purchasing.

One way to avoid the whole danger of GMO food is to go organic, since organic foods are guaranteed not to be genetically modified. However, it is likely that some exposure does take place when eating at a restaurant, taking some supplements and even eating some foods mislabeled as “GMO free”. Because of this, knowing to detoxify GMO’s from the body becomes really important. Read on to find out how to do this.


Drinking more water  especially purified water  helps the body to eliminate not only the toxic by-products from GMO foods but also other contaminants like pesticides, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. It also aids weight loss and improves kidney function and digestion.

Follow a High-Fiber Diet

Adding fruits and vegetables to the diet with their high amounts of fiber and pectin is also a great way to detoxify. These fibers help to bind to GMO toxins and other harmful substances like heavy metals so that they can be more effectively removed from the body. High-fiber diets are also associated with reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes and colon cancer.

Drink a Detox Smoothie Daily

Replacing one meal a day with a detox smoothie is another good way to help remove unwanted substances from the body; there is an enormous variety of ingredients that can go into these and they often include citrus fruits or leafy greens like kale.

Get a Massage

Massages don’t just relax your muscles and help you to de-stress; they also are great for detoxification due to the fact that massages stimulate the circulation of the lymphatic system, which plays an important role in removing unwanted substances from the body, including heavy metals, pesticide residues and harmful by-products from GMO foods.

Use Bentonite Clay

The use of bentonite clay may sound strange, but it is a great detoxifier and can naturally bind with and remove impurities from the body, even serious ones like radioactive materials and heavy metals. This is because the mildly negative electrical charge attracts these impurities and helps to draw them out from the cells and remove them.

These are all fairly simple changes to make in regards to lifestyle. However, following these guidelines can really help not only protect the body from GMO residues but other toxins that the body is better off without.

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