5 Ways to Detox Your Body from GMO’s


Unless you buy strictly organic food, chances are that you are coming into contact with food that has been genetically modified. While intensive detoxing programs can be very effective at removing the resulting toxins and byproducts from your body, however, they can also be tough on your body. The foods below offer a gentler approach that may take longer but also will not take its toll on you.


A staple herb of Mexican and southwest American diets, cilantro does much more than simply impart wonderful flavor to a lot of Hispanic-inspired dishes. It is also a very effective way to remove heavy metals, GMO by products and other contamination from your system. Apart from this, it also has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help your immune system fight off illnesses and infection. This versatile herbs goes well in salads, pesto sauces and even smoothies and can grow easily in a pot in your kitchen window.

Fruit Pectin

Getting a regular intake of fruit pectin – such as is found in apples, bananas, grapes or citrus fruits – is a gentle but effective way to detox as well. Pectin not only makes it easier for heavy metals and other contaminants to be released into the blood stream, it also binds them and helps eliminate them from the body. Eating foods that are high in pectin is usually enough to help effectively detoxify you, but you can also add pectin products to water or juice to make sure your intake is adequate.


Drinking juices made from organic produce or from grasses such as wheatgrass or barley is also a great way to detoxify. It is also a wonderful product just for the general health, as it is high in minerals and contains all of the essential amino acids needed by the body for proper functioning. It also has a wealth of vitamins, making it a true superfood. However, if you start taking in a large amounts of it all at once, it can be a bit tough on your system, so it is best to start with small amounts and slowly work your way up if you intend to use it regularly.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are a rich source of probiotics, good bacteria that will populate the gut to improve digestion, strengthen the immune system and also act as a great aid to weight loss. Some good examples of fermented foods include sauerkraut, pickles (or other pickled foods like pickled okra), and the Korean kimchi, an extremely spicy fermented cabbage dish. Regular consumption of probiotic foods will ensure that your digestive system can effectively break down and eliminate toxins.

Organic Sulfur

This may sound strange, but regular use of organic sulfur is also an excellent detoxifying method and is necessary for energy production and the oxygenation of the cells as well as for supporting the ability of the liver to detoxify the body. Sometimes, though, it can be a bit difficult to get enough of this vital nutrient in the diet, so now many health food stores are selling it in lignin-based crystals that are easily ingested.

Gentle detoxing methods may take longer, but they are also easier on your system and are also highly effective at what they do.

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