5 Ways to De-Stress in Under 5 Minutes


Unfortunately, stress seems to be a built-in part of modern life. Busy schedules, long commutes and the overall complexity of modern life can make this inevitable. The good news is, though, that you do not need to take tons of time out from your day to be able to relax – there are some ways you can take the stress out of your day in just a couple of minutes. Five quick and simple ways to bring your stress level down are discussed below.


This may sound strange, but simply smiling (even when you really feel like screaming out loud!) can be a good way to elevate the mood. Frowning, clenching the jaw or other physical signs of stress can actually feed on itself, making you feel worse. A big grin, on the other hand, can lighten things considerably.

Reach Out

Dealing with feelings of stress on your own can make them much harder to cope with. Even a quick call to a friend or family member can help when you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes just venting your emotions to someone who will listen to you and getting the feelings off your chest can make them easier to deal with.


Aromatherapy really does work and certain smells like lavender, ylang-ylang or other herbs can help us relax just by breathing them in. Keep an infuser around your home or office and if you are having a rough day, diffuse the scent around you. It will help take the edge off of some of your stress.


Even if you can’t get away in real life, you can at least take a vacation in your mind! Take five minutes out and close your eyes, imagining yourself on a beach, out in the woods or any place that feels peaceful to you. Even a few minutes “away” can really help tamp down the stress levels, and you can return feeling more refreshed, energized and productive.

DIY Massage

One common indicator of stress is tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back. In order to help release this tension, clench that area up as much as possible for a moment, then let it relax and do a little self-massage. This is something you can do even in your office or cubicle and it will really help the muscles relax and you feel better.

None of the techniques above require any extra money or effort and very little time. They can be done at home, while you are out or even at work without taking too much out of the day. However, even though they are small changes, they can have big benefits for you in terms of overall stress levels and how you feel about your quality of life.

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