5 Things People with Good Posture DON’T Do


What does your posture say about you? Are you the person who is standing up tall and straight with good posture, or the person who looks 10 years older due to a degenerated, bent forward posture? It ‘s amazing the effect that good posture has not only on your appearance, but also your level of self-confidence. How you carry your body is how you present yourself to the world. So whether you are out to dinner with friends or taking a walk downtown, always bring your best posture with you.

In addition to the aesthetic advantage of having good posture, there are many important health benefits as well. Correct posture is a proactive strategy to maintain your health in proper “alignment.” Postural distortions of the spine weaken the functional capacity of the body, leading to otherwise avoidable injuries and illnesses.

Postural Specialists recommend chiropractic care to keep the body in proper alignment and postural rehabilitation exercises to correct muscular dysfunction patterns. In addition to proper spinal alignment and postural rehabilitation, it is necessary to take immediate action in improving your daily postural habits.

Learning and implementing proper postural habits in your daily life is not just about knowing what to do; it’s important to also know WHAT NOT TO DO. Read below to see the top 5 things that people with good posture DON’T do.

1) Sit in uncomfortable chairs: Why? Because the majority of the population spends more than 8 hours a day sitting! Having an ergonomically correct chair is essential to maintain good posture throughout the day. While you are sitting remember to keep your spine straight and avoid slumping your shoulders forward. Maintaining good seated posture starts with core muscular activation.

2) Take long road trips without stopping: To protect your back while traveling, it is important to stop and do occasional stretching. Sitting for long periods of time causes increased stress to your lower back. While traveling, stop every couple of hours, take a short walk and stretch your legs and lower back. Even a break of just 30 seconds is better than not taking a break at all.

3) Wear old worn out shoes: Your feet are the foundation of your posture. To protect your feet, wear shoes that support the natural design of the foot. If your feet are not properly supported, this will lead to postural distortion patterns of the hips and spine. So throw out the old worn out tennis shoes and invest in new shoes to comfortably support the arches of your feet.

4) Look down while walking: People who have good posture walk with their head up and shoulders back demonstrating confidence. Looking down causes tension to the cervical spine, due to an anterior placement of the weight of the head. Looking down for prolonged periods of time causes muscular rigidity and increased compression of the cervical vertebral discs.

5) Skip exercise sessions: As human beings we were born to move! Yet the majority of the population is sedentary. This is a modern day health epidemic causing many health consequences, including weak posture. To increase your Postural Fitness do postural exercises each day that strengthen the principle postural muscles.

Written By:
Dr. Krista Burns DC, DRHA, CPEP, CPS
Doctor of Chiropractic
Doctor of Health Administration
Certified Postural Specialist
Co-Founder American Posture Institute

Posture by Design, Not by Circumstance

Dr. Krista Burns
Dr. Krista Burns, co-founder of the American Posture Institute, is dedicated to the development and expansion of the American Posture Institute as the number one recognized leader in postural correction and postural certification programs in the world. She graduated with honors as a Doctor of Chiropractic from the prestigious university Palmer College of Chiropractic. Passionate about furthering her education, she completed a Ph.D. in Health Administration with an emphasis in Health Policy. To further her clinical expertise she completed certifications as a Certified Postural Specialist, Certified Posture Exercise Professional, and a Specialist in Functional Chiropractic Neurology. She is an inspiring public speaker and has been a featured presenter at forums such as the International Functional Medicine Conference in Italy and the Women’s Leadership Summit in the United States. Dr. Burns is a published author and researcher in the field of health and wellness. As a recognized health expert, she has been featured on Sport Magazine televised program, CYOU TV live radio program, and as a contributing author to L’Accademia del Fitness national health magazine. She is also the founder and President of the League of Chiropractic Women-Europe, an organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the chiropractic profession. In addition to her esteemed professional accomplishments, she has always had a love for fitness. As a teenager she was a competitive member of the United States Freestyle Development Ski Team, and a qualifier for the US National Championships and North American Competition skiing circuit. Her love for sports continues, as she is currently a recognized fitness competitor for the International Federation of Bodybuilders. She was a top finisher in the Northern Italian Championships, qualifying her for her top 10th finish in the Italian National Championships as a Bikini competitor. Dr. Burns has a passion for all things “health.” She lives the advice she gives. Her superior personal work ethic is demonstrated by her continuous devotion to academics, her admired professional accomplishments, her role as a woman leader in the chiropractic profession, and her successes as a professional athlete.