5 Things You Must Tell Yourself When You’re Being Judged


Judging others seem to be part of our everyday lives that we are almost unaware how much hurtful it can be and how much damage it can cause to the person who is being judged. We are not even aware of how it influences unjustified opinion we create about others according to what we hear from people around us. Well, not until do we find ourselves being judged by other people, we know how much it hurts and how much emotional pain it causes. Therefore, if you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you are constantly being criticized then, you should have more understanding to other people and their behavior. Don’t judge if you don’t want to be judged. But, if you already belong to people whose self-esteem has lowered just because of the constant exposure to criticism then follow these simple tips to reduce the influence of other people’s opinions about you.

Ask Yourself Is It Worth The Effort To Worry About What Others Say About You?

Look at the people who already have a bad opinion about you and ask yourself, will it make a change in your life if you tried to convince them otherwise? When you desperately try to be liked by others, it turns against you. They will despise you even more and you will leave them the impression that you care too much. Leaving such an impression makes them wonder why you try to prove them your behavior is justified. Therefore, instead of wasting your time and energy to convince other people that you are a good person, take the first steps into making yourself a better person. Try some personal development courses or read books about self-help. It will do a world of difference about your personality and you will find yourself at a much higher level than those who judged you.

Only Your Opinion About Yourself Matters

Defining what your final goals are and doing things to achieve them is your journey to a better you. So, the only person that you need to prove and justify your behavior is you. Believe in yourself and your actions and don’t pay attention what others say about you. And remember the saying: “First they ask you why you do it, then they ask you how you did it.” Concentrate on the final goal. They will ask you how you did it in the end.

Who Are The People Who Make Judgments About Others

People who have the habit to judge others are usually people who are not satisfied with their own lives. In order to justify themselves and their inability to succeed, they talk bad about others. If you look at these people you will notice that being busy with other people’s lives they forgot theirs. They forgot what was important to them and they end-up with nothing more than being constant criticizers. So, why would you care what these people say about you?

Mirror Effect

In our subconscious mind we see wrongs in people that are wrongs in ourselves. It is like a reflection in the mirror. Same is true for people who judge us. The see what we lack in our personality and the same is true for them. But, when they point the finger to you, then subconsciously they think their wrongs do not exist.

Laughing is the best medicine

When you get to the point when whatever you hear about yourself is funny then you can say that you are psychologically healed from constant criticism. Laughing about people’s opinions about you makes you feel stronger and more determined for your end-goals. This is when you become aware that hear it or not, people will have opinions about you and you can’t do anything to stop them. In the end, what others have to say about you is none of you business.