5 Surprising Sources Of Lead


If you are really concerned about your health, chances are you make an effort to limit your exposure to toxins by eating an organic diet, drinking plenty of water to flush your system out and generally trying to avoid the many things in the environment that can make you sick. However, even when you’re being very careful, exposure to lead is a possibility and it can hide in places you haven’t thought of. Reading below to find out about the sources of lead in your life that you didn’t even know you had.

If you have a synthetic leather purse that is yellow or red, then beware: often the paints which are used to give these purses their bright colors will contain shocking amounts of lead (up to 58,700 parts per billion, according to one study conducted on handbags by the Center for Environmental Health, a group which promotes consumer safety). To avoid this problem, choose purses made from real leather, cotton, hemp or canvas.

Apple Juice
Even though pesticides containing lead and arsenic have not been used since the 1950’s, the contamination with the heavy metals lingers in the soil and getting absorbed into the food crops that are grown in it. A recent study of apple and grape juices by the same researchers who test for Consumers Reports found that nearly 25 percent of the juices samples contain lead or arsenic. Eating the whole, organic berries or fruits is a great way to avoid this.

Drinking Water
Although the EPA has a established a “no tolerance” policy when it comes to lead in drinking water, if your home was built before 1986, there could still be lead in your pipes that leaches through. Newer homes have faucets to worry about; they can legally contain up to 8% lead, and the chrome- or brass-plated faucets tend to be the most notorious for this. If you suspect that this might be a problem, have your water tested and get a filter if needed.

The FDA conducted a study back in 2009 of lipsticks and found that approximately one out of twenty-two contained lead; even though the amounts were small, this could have a big health impact one women, especially if they use makeup daily or several times a day. To avoid this, do some research on the Skin Deep database – they list ingredients you need to look out for when buying cosmetics.

Lead is frequently used as a stabilizer that keeps vinyl from breaking down, but as the vinyl ages, the lead contained in it and can leach out and contaminate the dust in your home, which is easily inhaled. As many as 74% of samples tested in a 2008 study of vinyl flooring tested positive for lead. Consider renovations in possible with alternatives like wood or bamboo flooring.

These are all common places where lead can hide that you probably never even thought of. The good news is that most of these sources, once you become aware of them, can be avoided and your exposure to this toxin limited.

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