5 Strategies to Calm the Chaos of Everyday Stress and Take Back Your Power


Are you struggling with getting stuff done?  Is overwhelm paralyzing you from taking action?

So often I see folks just winging it every day. Hop out of bed frantically rushing around to start the day with no real plan for the family, no advance planning of typical daily activities, etc. leaving them depleted, mentally drained, frustrated and disappointed that things are so chaotic and not getting things done as hoped.

This leads to stress, overwhelm, and poor self-care leaving you feeling powerless and lacking confidence.

You must have systems to get organized, manage time and manage yourself to feel more empowered with more clarity and confidence.

I’m sharing 5 strategies that I use in my life to calm the chaos, have more clarity throughout the day and feeling in control with more confidence to take action. Implementing these 5 strategies will absolutely help you take back your power:

  1. Use a Life calendar                                                   

Use one calendar that encompasses personal, family, community and work commitments. Get one that is digital; not the paper calendar you hang on the wall or the desk blotter that is doodled on either.

Using this system ‘no important task gets left behind’. Having a calendar that encompasses all aspects of our blended lives is critical to calming the chaos and managing your time effectively.

Sync with your smartphone, tablet and computer. Google calendar is the best and most universal I have discovered. You can even set a time reminder that pops up so you remember where and when to show up or complete a task. With Google calendar you can color code each category, and even give everyone in the family their own color. It can even be shared so everyone is responsible for adding their own stuff – wow, surrender the title logistics manager.

Take back your power with one less job!

  1. Use a To-Do list

Creating a To-do list provides clarity of what needs to get done. No more papers floating around to get lost.

Using your To-do list with your calendar will really boost your organization and clarity. Open your calendar/planner and To-do list. Take items from your To-do list and add to your calendar by blocking off the time you estimate needed to complete that task. These items should include the 5 most important things you need to get done today.

If nothing else gets done, you will feel accomplished knowing that the most important tasks did.

  1. Establish a Routine for Beginning and End of Day

Routine and structure will help calm the chaos and reduce stress. Our brain loves routine and structure. By establishing a routine, your brain learns this rhythm and helps you stay in the flow which turns into an effortless habit over time.

The beginning and end of the day are crucial times to prepare and control your day. A good morning routine will set you up with a positive mindset, energy and organization for less chaos.

At the end of the day wind down with a routine with daily reflection and planning for the next day. Making your plan the night before, your subconscious mind will work on your list while you sleep, and you’ll be better prepared to take on your day.

  1. Just Say No!

One thing that steals your power and causes high level stress is your inability to say no. This can often lead to frustration, anxiety and resentment both towards ourselves and others. Most of us spend our days getting pushed and pulled by other people’s desires and demands.

Essentially, YESing all day to someone else and something else. You look at your schedule and start to feel the anxiety setting in because you know YOU are getting crowded out.

No is beautiful word.

Just say NO to three things for more control and calm throughout your day:

One is interruptions.

Two is multitasking.

Three is people, places and things that will not support and move you closer to your personal, family and professional goals.

  1. Take Clarity Breaks

Clarity will only happen by calming the mind (and body for that matter). Lack of clarity can occur from being in a constant state of stress; it’s a brain thing. The sense of overwhelm that comes from lack of clarity can also be from lack of direction and not having a defined purpose.

You need more clarity to let those creative juices flow. You need to lessen your distractions to make better, more thoughtful decisions without that constant sense of urgency.

Take a few clarity breaks throughout the day. It’s a great way to transition from one project to another. Whether it is from work to home, running errands to cooking dinner, or client meeting to picking up kids from school. It also works great when you get stuck or frustrated on a task (or with a person).

Taking a clarity break will help you regroup, be more present and engaged.

Here is a simple and quick Clarity Break exercise:

Sit in a comfortable position. It is best if your back is straight to have your chest open so your breath can flow easily. Set a timer for 3-5 minutes (turn off all electronic notifications to minimize distractions). Close your eyes and let your mind and body just be for a minute or two. Your mind will probably wander with distracting thoughts, as you notice this happen just focus on your breath.

Have your mind’s eye focus on it flowing in and out of your body.

Now as your thoughts enter again as you breathe out from your mouth, imagine blowing out all those distracting and worrisome words and thoughts. And then, as you breathe in through your nose, imagine everything that is good in your life and all that you desire coming into your body.

Breath in all the good you received already today; breathe out the worry, frustration and negative.

Ahhhhh…feel better?

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Donna Nelson
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