5 Steps to Take After Being Diagnosed with Celiac Disease


There’s never a “good time” to be diagnosed with any disease, especially something like Celiac Disease, which will literally change your life! Although the process can definitely be overwhelming, here are 5 steps YOU can take to set yourself on a healthy path for your future!

  1. Locate and establish yourself with a doctor who specializes in Celiac Disease. You will have many questions, especially at the beginning of the process, and having someone on your team who can answer those questions for you and point out important resources is really invaluable.
  2. Locate and visit a local support group. You can find a Celiac Disease support group in a variety of locations – and most likely there will be one close to you! Here you can meet others who have overcome the struggles of the disease, and gain from their knowledge. You can also hear speakers who may talk on the latest research or treatments, and sometimes these groups even do cooking classes or bring in companies who specialize in gluten-free foods!
  3. Take time to read labels closely. You may be slightly overwhelmed by the things you are no longer able to eat, but you will nail it down more each day as you train yourself to read labels. It is even important to read labels after you have bought the product more than once, as sometimes ingredients change without warning. What you thought was delicious a few months ago may have some very bad effects today.
  4. Make use of online resources. Websites such as celiac.org are extremely helpful! Locate a few bloggers who have Celiac and blog on it – you will find these folks become invaluable! And don’t forget online resources for gluten-free recipes! A quick search on Pinterest will literally bring up thousands of results!
  1. Give yourself time to adjust. Being diagnosed with Celiac Disease is not cancer or anything quite so drastic – but it will still change your life! Don’t expect yourself to settle in to a totally new lifestyle overnight. Be patient with yourself and do what you can. Very soon you’ll look back and see how much you’ve grown through the process!

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About the editor: Kristen Campbell is the blogger behind The Road to Domestication, where she blogs about all things domestic, including her journey with Celiac Disease.