5 Spices that Turn Water into Food Elixir


Most people are aware of the fact that the healthiest beverage on earth is just water. As a matter for fact, most health care professionals, from physicians to nutritionists to naturopaths, will tell you that drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water a day is one of the very best (and easiest) lifestyle changes you can make for better health. However, there are natural ingredients that you can add to water than enhance its benefits even further. Five of the best of these are listed below.

Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice

Talking about the benefits of water with lemon could fill an entire book! In short, though, know that this drink can help detoxify your liver and make it easier for your body to remove wastes as well as improve your digestion, help with weight loss and strengthen your immune system. That is because of the high levels of Vitamins C and A, pectin and antioxidants that lemon juice brings to the table.


Ginger not only has a wonderfully warming taste and a proven track record of health benefits. It has been used for centuries for a variety of digestive problems such as nausea, stomach cramps and flatulence. The way to use this is to simply cut a small piece of ginger, add it to your water and let it set. After you have drunk the water, you can also go ahead and eat the root as well (watch out though  it is very pungent!


Another great way to zest up your water  especially in the warm weather  is to add a few slices of sliced cucumber. Cucumber water is excellent for hydration and also, like lemon, improves overall digestion and helps with the detoxification process. They are also great for weight loss, since they are high in fiber and can help to naturally curb the appetite.

Mint Leaves

Fresh mint is something that you can grow in your own garden or even from a pot in your windowsill. Add a few fresh leaves to your water not only gives it a great taste, but it helps if you are prone to a sour or upset stomach. It also improves the digestive process as a whole, mostly through helping to stimulate the product of saliva, which is very important when your body is break down food.


Again, this adds a nice, warm spicy taste to your water and it is an excellent spice for the health for many reasons. It is an anti-inflammatory, making it a great choice for people with conditions like arthritis, and it also have been shown to help people lose weight, balance their hormones and control their blood sugar if they have diabetes.

As you can see from this, making your already-healthy water into a tonic is really not that difficult. Many of the ingredients discussed here are ones that you likely have around the house already. However, though it is a small change, it can still have a large impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

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