5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Weight In Check


In today’s busy world, we are so caught up in the whirlwind of activities that we tend to ignore the impact an unhealthy lifestyle can have on our health. Poor dietary habits can lead to serious concerns like obesity, blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.  Whoever thinks staying in shape is hard is just a poor planner; all it requires is a bit of self control and discipline. Here are 5 easy steps that can help you ward off those extra pounds and stay in shape:

  1. Divide Your Meals – Did you know that having 5-6 small meals in a day is healthier than consuming three large portions? Those who have small meals throughout the day tend to avoid over eating and make healthier food choices. Long hours of hunger can lower your blood sugar levels, making you irritable and less productive. Include foods like nuts, fruits and salads in your meals. Make sure you avoid processed foods and stick to homemade food having high nutritional value.


  1. Have Eight Glasses Of Water A Day – It’s a universal truth that water is an effective medicine for weight loss. Reason? There are many! Water helps flush out toxins from your body and increases the metabolic rate drastically. Water keeps your body well hydrated, which improves the functionality of all organs and keeps you ticking! Drinking water before every meal is a good practice as it curbs your urge to overeat and makes you feel fuller.


  1. Weigh Yourself Every Week – If you are looking to reach your target weight or wanting to maintain your current weight, it is essential that you check your weight weekly. This will help you plan your calorie intake and foods that you need cut down/increase intake of. In case there is any discrepancy from your goal weight, you can chart out a weekly plan focusing on your problem areas and solutions to overcome them.


  1. Staying Active Is Key – For many of us, our jobs have forced us to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting is one place for too long, facing a computer can not only impact your eye-sight but also lead to dangerous health problems like cancer, heart stroke and obesity. Make sure you get up and take regular walks in between your work. Always take the stairs whenever possible. You will be amazed how staying active in addition to keeping you fit, can also boost your productivity and cognitive abilities.


  1. Exercise Regularly – There is no alternative to a healthy workout. Try thinking of interesting ways to make exercise fun and not a dreaded nightmare! During commercials in between your favourite TV show, instead of stuffing your mouth with unhealthy snacks, do 2-4 sets of squats, sit ups or crunches. Buy yourself a bicycle and cycle short distances instead of taking the car. You’re helping the environment and your body! It’s no ground rule that serious exercising can only happen at the gym; it also doesn’t even have to be “serious”. Do what makes you and your body happy.


To begin with any health plan, it is essential that you have a positive outlook towards achieving your goal. Set realistic goals for your body and work towards them in a systematic manner. Don’t refrain from your favourite food. Don’t binge, either. The solution is to consume everything in moderation. Remember, the results may not be immediate. It is important that you give your body time to get accustomed to the routine, and you will see great, lasting results!


Karishma Sehgal