5 Reasons to Outsource your IT Project


Outsourcing has always been rather popular in corporate America. Such basic has also become rather popular in the rest of the world over the last decade offering easy solutions to larger corporations as well as small businesses. The things are changing nowadays along with economic situation making people opt for new ways of running business. In this case outsourcing will certainly come in handy considering all its advantages and opportunities.

On some point of your business development you will need to make up your mind whether you are able to grow your own business eventually turning it into computable enterprise or give up in the face of your rivals. If the second way is not what you are expecting for, here are 5 interesting features and benefits that are brought to you by outsourcing.

Lower Risk While Hiring Employees

It may sound surprising but freelance turned out to be less risky method of hiring employees. There are numerous free resources and websites which allow choosing the most appropriate candidate absolutely free. You do not have to pay for this service as well as provide any information about your company to third parties. At the same time you have a chance to interact directly with a candidate without any intermediaries which sometimes also establish fees for their services. Freelance does not always mean less experience of skills. Moreover according to the latest statistics some professionals are also eager to look for new projects and working opportunities on outsourcing basics. In other words you are very likely to find an appropriate candidate to fulfill all necessary tasks.

Such virtual labor market place has already been brought to a new level offering additional working guarantees and opportunities. Apart from talented employees here you can become a part of huge online community. People can share their experience of outsourcing. You can also learn about various tools which can be rather useful for arranging successful business.

Make your Accounting Less Complicated

Accounting is one of the most annoying and difficult things for beginners. When we are eager to start our own business we only think of the project itself. But when it comes to employees, salaries and taxes accounting is on the way. The main problem is that it calls for particular knowledge and skills to handle. Otherwise you are obliged to hire additional accountant and pay salary which results in additional costs. Outsourcing is less complicated. If you do not want to follow IRS rules which are obligatory for all types of business in the USA, freelance will be a perfect choice for you.

The main benefit here is the fact that it’s up to you what rules to set and what payment basic to choose. You should note that every freelancer is a potential contractor. It means that you only need to sing a contract under particular type of work he is going to be assigned. That is it! Contractor is responsible for his own taxes and payment. You only need to provide him with a sum that is indicated in the contract.

Skillful Specialist

Looking for talented and skillful professionals can turn out to be rather tough challenge especially for those who do not leave in such huge metropolises as LA or the Big Apple. However it does not mean that citizens from the outskirts and suburbs are not able to find talented employees. Moreover they even have more chances if they turn to outsourcing. Offshore workers can also help to minimize your costs. For example, if you hire a person from Ukraine or India, you will be surprised to hear his salary requirements. They are much lower in comparison with US fees. However it does not mean that their level of professionalism is lower. It is likely to be even higher considering the educational system.

Wider Choice

Some people are sure that opting for freelancer is senseless due to the fact that you can’t meet him in private and have an interview. Well, this is very unlikely to be a drawback considering availability of different communicational online technologies and tools. They make it easy to arrange online conferences whenever you need with only a click of a button no matter where you are located.

In addition private interviews are already out-of-fashion. They only result in waste of time and additional costs. The best way to choose a talented specialist is to get acquainted with his previous experience and examples of projects. Another great benefit of freelancers is that they are always ready to complete test task in order to evaluate their abilities. Sometimes such tasks can be completed on paid basics even if you are not satisfied with result. Nevertheless, it is better than having tons of interviews and reading pack of CVs.

Of course, meeting online or talking on the phone can bring some benefits. But this is not what modern outsourcing is about. But there are a lot of outsourcing companies in Europe provide this feature too.

Wide Salary Range

The one and the only benefit running business on outsourcing basic is opportunity to minimize your costs without reduction of quality. It means that any project can be implemented with fewer costs and at higher quality with the help of freelancers. Some of them can eventually turn into full-time employees but still as contractors being responsible for their own taxes and payments. Pay attention to the fact that annual salary in the US can vary from $35 000 to $750 000if we speak of IT and web development fields.

Really few entrepreneurs can afford dealing with such employees on regular basics. That is why outsourcing offers a chance to pick up a talented specialist at the most reasonable price. In comparison with US developers who are rated from $40 per hour foreign specialist can cost even less.

Eventually, it is not only about money for freelancer. The majority of them are devoted workers who like being involved in different projects apart from the level of their salary. They are able to set themselves clear targets and reach them by all means helping your bear fruit in future.




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Dmitri Breakston