5 Reasons You Need to Detox


Most people simply do not take the time to care for themselves, and a combination of a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and hydration, lack of sleep and too much stress can really take their toll. A detox program can help to quickly reverse much of the damage that has been done by boosting energy levels, aiding permanent weight loss and eliminating the cravings that often put on the weight to begin with. Below are five of the best reasons for committing to a detox regimen.

To Feel Better
There are many symptoms which people present with when they are toxic and in need of a good cleanse. These symptoms will vary from one person to another, but can include headaches, allergies, general body ache, chronic feeling of fatigue, problems with digestion and lack of mental clarity. Most people, however, do not associate what they are eating with these resulting symptoms. A good detox will help to ease up these problems pretty quickly and boost the energy levels in natural and healthy way.

To Lose Weight and Keep it Off
Giving up sugar and flour calories might sound tough, but doing this will allow for safe and natural long-term weight loss. Eating this simple carbohydrates is what triggers overeating and food addictions. These foods can also increase insulin levels and trigger an inflammatory response, which in turn encourages the body to store fat, especially in the abdominal region. It also can cause the perpetual feeling of hunger, which leads to more overeating and a vicious cycle that can feel impossible to break. A detox regimen will break it, however, and natural weight loss will follow.

To Control Cravings
People with weight problems often feel the stigma of this and can feel guilty or ashamed. However, the fault for this lies generally with the food industry, whose processed foods rely on heavy amounts of salt, fat and sugar to cause food addictions that are economically profitable for them while destroying the health of many. Sugar, many believe, is actually more addictive than cocaine, and a detox diet is one good way to break this addiction and eliminate the cravings.

To Boost Health
A detox regimen can boost overall health and well-being, especially for someone who has never tried it before. Most people have never had ten consecutive days of eating nothing but nutritious whole foods. Even for someone who generally feels good from day to day, it can give the whole body an incredible super-charge and bring them into a state of optimal health.

To Practice Self-Care
A detox program is really a lot like a “staycation” or a visit to a spa: it allows someone to practice self-care techniques that are frequently neglected in the hustle of everyday life. However, a simple diet, good hydration, adequate sleep and a little exercise can get everyone back into a pattern of self-care and this can make a huge difference in the quality of life.

These are five reasons to start a detox program. It will not only boost someone’s health and undo some of the damage that the modern lifestyle can inflict, it can also lead to habits of self-care that someone can carry with them even when the program is over.

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