5 Reasons why Love is Extremely Important for Men


Love is basically a thing for women and whenever it crosses a conversation, it is only for a girl’s talk. However, did you ever wonder that perhaps, men, do care about love as well?

Yes, they do in fact.

If you’ve watched all too many romantic movies, you’ll see that most of these stick to you because of how affectionate the guy is to his one and only. Remember Noah from ‘The Notebook’? Isn’t he the perfect example of a man’s love? And that’s a guy out there. Basically, it’s him that made The Notebook so popular.

Many would say that Noah is just a character on a movie film and is not someone that is present in the real world, especially since we are talking about love. But no, real men do think that love is important, and it is not only Noah who could show this. Look around, think of your man, or your dad or your brother, they do think that love is important.

And if you are ready, here are five reasons why love is extremely important for men.

5 Reasons Why Love is Extremely Important for Men

  1. Love is the reason why he lives

Well, we’re not sure if this would fit every guy in the world, but for men, for romantic and awesome men, love is the reason why they live. It is love that gives them the power to wake up each day and be someone. Love is like a fuel to their engine to make them pumping and have that vigor for life.

  1. It’s a part of life

Without love, life will be empty for men. It will be like an unfinished puzzle, always having that missing piece. Think of it this way, love is like a men’s hairstyle, very important for every day. Men cannot have a complete day without making their hair as nicely fixed or rugged looking before facing the day. Just like love, it’s a daily thing.

  1. Inspiration

We all need inspiration and the funny thing is, love is one of the best inspirations a guy could have. Women can have all sorts of inspiration, from family to shopping to Channing Tatum, but for men, love – could be – one of his greatest inspiration to conquer the world. If you don’t believe this, try looking for love quotes for him and you’ll see why love is such an inspiration to men.

  1. Gives meaning to their lives

They say that life is without meaning if it is without purpose and, that could be true with men, or to anyone. We all know that men have that ego of wanting to be the hero, in all cases, in all situations – the knight in shining armour and the prince charming, and possibly, that drive comes to fruition when it is paired up with love. Fueled by love, whatever kind of love that is, men find meaning in their lives.

Want to know a perfect example of a man finding meaning because of love? Find a man who’s looking for a gorgeous women or men’s wedding band and see the light in his eyes. There’s your answer.

  1. It makes life colourful, gives them happiness and a sense companionship

Every person longs for a partner in life, someone to share accomplishments with, hardships, pains, happiness, everything. And this applies to men, too. With love, it makes everything colourful. Remember Edward Cullen when he saw Bella or their daughter, Renesmee? It made everything more crystal clear to him, right? He enjoyed living and doing things now because he has someone to share these things with.

And that’s just the same with every guy or man, love is what makes their world go round, moving and in sync. So next time that we see men in movies or in life crumble or get happy because of love, we should not doubt it. Instead, we believe that love is also very important to them. Share this feeling with him. Send him a handmade card to express you love, a love quote to wake up to or a special gift for him for no specific reason. Just because you can!

Stay in love!