5 Reasons to Buy a Car with Manual Transmission


Some people say that manual transmission is “dead” while other shout out loud “no way!”. Well, it’s the matter of preferences and likes. On the other hand choosing a car with manual transmission may turn out to be rather smart idea. Despite the fact that automatic versions come with numerous innovations and advantages, manual models still have several pluses which we should consider.

Less Expensive

It’s all about money when it comes to purchasing of a car. Needless to say, autos with manual transmission are more affordable in comparison with their automatic alternatives. The average difference in price can be up to $1 000. That is why opting for a manual version can turn out to be rather beneficiary for those who are looking for a chance to save money.

According to the latest statistics cost is one of the main reasons why some people prefer manual transmission. The same thing is with repairing. Manual auto servicing is usually less expensive in comparison with automatics.

If we speak about limited budget, we should also consider fuel economy. This point is also of great importance. The majority of purchasers consider this factor to be a key reason. If we compare both variants automatic versions usually consume gallons of fuel per mile.

More Safety

Another important reason for choosing manual transmissions is high level of safety. It turned out that the majority of car thieves do not know how to drive stick-shifts. In other words you can sleep well while leaving your car in an unknown place. According to the latest statistics provided by insurance companies only 14% of all stolen cars are equipped by manual transmission.

At the same time stick-shifts provide drivers with more comfort, control and engagement during the ride. This fact also results in additional safety on the road especially under bad weather conditions. Of course, it calls for additional driving skills and experience. Nevertheless, manual drivers can benefit from additional engagement and the way how to place their car in gear properly. It means that you will always be well-aware of what gear your car is going on at the moment. As a matter of fact you are able to accelerate and power up whenever it is necessary unlike automatic versions. This results in more safety on the road. You can easily avoid collisions and other dangerous situation due to total control of your auto.

More Power

Experienced drivers are well-aware of the fact that manual transmission brings more power if compared with automatics. The auto tranny calls for additional power and energy. In other words the same engine in both automatic and manual versions will show different performance. The second variant will provide you with more HP as well as easy and smooth acceleration.

Those who drive stick-shift cars should know “15% rule”. According to this rule manual transmission brings your engine 15% power more. This also results in proper gearing. You are totally in control of the motor operation choosing the most appropriate shift according to situation on the road.

Moreover driving stick is simply cooler. On the one hand you can pick up some skills turning into real professional on track. On the other hand you can also benefit from additional drills such as ‘heel toeing‘. It provides you with more excitement and driving experience. In other words manual transmission can also result in more fun.

Easier Maintenance

It also turns out that manual transmission is much easier to maintain. It is also cheaper what is more important. Moreover beginners may find stick-shifts even easier in comparison with automatics. In other words there are fewer things which may get out of order in manual versions. At the same time it is rather easy to determine the problem and proceed with all necessary repairing works which are also less expensive. Lifespan and durability are also key advantages. Manual transmission consists of reliable components which will serve you for a long time apart from hundred thousand kilometers of mileage.

Another great benefit as only oil and fuel are necessary for manual transmission. For example, in automatic versions ATF (automatic transmission fluid) is necessary. The main problem with this component is in its fast deterioration. That is why changes and replacements are necessary more often in comparison with stick-shifts. At the same time using manual transmission will prevent you from permanent leaking and other problems and malfunctions which can occur after total overhaul and small repairing.

More Fun and Skills

Manual transmission provides you with more fun and driving skills. You can easily develop as professional driver. Stick-shifts consider such exciting skills as drifting and drafting making them less complex and more effective. You will never perform an excellent long drift on automatic model. You will find driving more interesting and involving when computer does not tell you what to do and when.

Breaking is also faster with stick. Sometimes situations occur when you need to stop quickly in order to avoid collisions. Manual transmission proceeds with breaking much faster in comparison with automatics.

At the same time you can forget about situations when your friends want to borrow your car once and for all. We have already offered statistics of stolen cars with only 14% of stick-shifts due to the fact that thieves are not skillful enough. The same situation is with your friends and relatives. As a rule the majority of people are used to driving on automatics. This is why if someone wants to borrow your auto, you only need to say: “Sorry, man… It is manual”.



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