5 Proven Ways You Can Be Happier In 2017


While 2016 was a tough year for many, 2017 provides an opportunity for people to expand their horizons and find true happiness. Happiness can come from so many places. You should not be afraid to experiment in order to challenge yourself. Keeping a keen eye out for different opportunities that may arise for happiness is vital in discovering what makes you happy. These top five proven ways to be happier aim to make 2017 a fantastic year to smile and enjoy the world around you. So stamp out sadness, grab a friend, and create yourself a happy lifestyle.

#1 Surround Yourself With Nature

Nature is a meditative distraction that purposefully takes you out of the stressful situation of a busy job or even the ongoing struggles of living with a family. Going for a nature walk allows you to soak in the warm rays from the sun, cool air from the sky, and sounds from the animals and environment around you. Keeping a calm and open mind is what nature walks are all about. Nature presents a unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity to meditate and simply let go of all the worries that you may harbor within yourself.

#2 Volunteer at a Local Nonprofit

One of the best ways to increase your happiness in 2017 is to volunteer. Volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience for all parties involved. By helping others not only are you giving someone the services or help they need to make it in live, but you are also giving yourself the gratification of making a difference in the world. Helping through volunteering is one of the easiest ways to make an impact and increase your overall happiness in 2017. Don’t hesitate to go online, flip through a magazine, or ask a friend where you could possibly be needed!

#3 Spend More Time With Friends and Family

It should come as no surprise but the people around us make us happy. We tend to keep friends that put smiles on our faces, challenge us intellectually, or are just good all around company to keep. Spending more time with family and friends in 2017 is a surefire way to stay happy. Not only will you have fun in the things you do with your friends, but you will also experience a distraction from any negativity that might be manifesting itself throughout your life. Plus, if your time with friends and family includes playing air hockey or other games, then you get the positive mental health boost that gaming offers.

#4 Try to Think Optimistically

Try to create an optimistic frame of mind. Thinking like an optimist is a great way to avoid negativity and thus allow yourself to be much happier in daily life. By trying to eschew negativity and pessimism you are embracing the idea that things might actually be ok or even get better. Optimism is fundamentally a solid thought process to adopt for those who struggle with the idea of being happy. There might be bumps in the road, but there is a rainbow on the other side you just need to keep your head up and think about the future and what it may yield!

#5 Get Better Sleep

A proper sleep schedule is perhaps the best way to ensure that you will be happier in 2017. Getting on a good sleep schedule can seem like a hard and daunting task, but with effort and time, you indeed will find yourself living a much happier life if you simply get more sleep. Those who get sleep can think clearly, don’t get sick as easy, and are able to spend more time doing the things in which they love. We highly suggest and recommend spending time trying to arrange your lifestyle so that you are on a proper schedule.

With the previous tips, you will be ready to improve your life in 2017 and start living happier! Don’t stop there. However, there are many ways in which to increase your happiness. Try reading and investigating further and never be afraid to try new things!