5 Perks of Coffee You Never Knew



To wake up and smell the coffee aroma emanating from the coffee pot you set the night before is bliss. Or, maybe you will brew the perfect plunger coffee. Whatever your secret to this fabulous drink, do not throw out the grounds, because they just may have positive aspects that have been overlooked. Besides the benefits of caffeine in the coffee you drink, coffee grounds may also have benefits to your body.



Mixing coffee grounds with conditioner is a beauty secret for longer and shinier hair. This is one of the easiest beauty tips. Simply mix a few tablespoons of coffee grounds with your favorite conditioner. Use the conditioner as usual and watch your hair become longer and shiner and more beautiful.


Clean skin

Coffee grounds are the perfect skin exfoliator. Add some coffee grounds to a damp washcloth and rub in circles on your face to gently remove dead skin. This process can also be used on the skin on any part of the body. It may be especially helpful in areas where you have dead skin build up such as the feet, knees, and elbows. Simply rub in circles on problem areas for smoother, softer skin.


Under-eye circles

Coffee grounds can also be used to help lighten the dark circles under your eyes. This is a somewhat messy procedure but the results are worthwhile. Simply brew coffee and then apply the coffee grounds, after they have cooled, to the area where dark circles appear. It may be easiest to use a washcloth, and then hold it to the area beneath your eye. Keep it on for ten to fifteen minutes for best results and then rinse clean.


Dry Shampoo

If you do not have time to wash your hair but it is feeling a little greasy, you can use coffee grounds as the base for a dry shampoo. Simply mix dry coffee grounds with some arrowroot powder. Try to get the mixture to match the color of your hair as closely as possible. Then, take the mixture and a make-up brush, and brush it into your hair at the hair lines, allowing it to sit a few minutes to soak up the oils. Finally, use a hairbrush to brush out the powder and your hair will feel fresher and look better.


Eliminate odors on your hands

After chopping onions or other smelly foods, it is often hard to get the smell off of your hands. To eliminate odors on your hands, combine coffee grounds with a small amount of castile soap in a bowl. After chopping, rub a small amount of the mixture into your hands, and then rinse well for clean smelling hands.


People have been drinking coffee for many years. Some benefits of coffee have been known for a long time, while others are just being discovered. How you use coffee will depend upon your needs. But, whether you buy organic coffee or coffee from one of the up and coming new coffee roasters, you will find coffee has many positive perks.


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