5 Nontoxic Cleaners That Should be in Your Home


This sounds counter-intuitive, but a lot of modern cleaning products are actually pretty dirty – in the sense that they contain a number of additives and ingredients that are toxic and that you probably do not want contaminating your home. The good news is that there are also more and more nontoxic cleaners to choose from that are more natural but just as effective and keep your home both clean and uncontaminated.

Baking Soda

The uses of this fabulous natural cleaner are virtually endless and it not only makes an excellent but gentle cleanser, it can eliminate odors and break down even greasy messes, keeping all your kitchen surfaces sparkling clean. When mixed with white vinegar, it makes an excellent polish for stainless steel and if you have a problem with carpet odor, you can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming to take care of the smells. There is virtually no end to what this stuff can do!


If you are wanting to remove mold and mildew without having to resort to harsh chemicals to do it, then borax is the answer to this problem. It is every bit as effective as bleach but is much gentler and will take care of this problem once and for all. You can also use it as an gentle but effective alternative to a toilet bowl cleaner.

Lemon Juice

It may have a ton of uses when it comes to health and beauty, but lemon juice is equally amazing just around the house. It is great for cutting through greasy, polish metal and removing stains from a variety of surfaces: try squeezing lemon juice directly onto a clothing stain then laundering it as usual: you will be amazed at how effective it is at stain removal!


Like baking soda, the uses of vinegar around the home are all almost without limit. It works as an great overall disinfecting spray, but is also can deodorize a number of surfaces, is an excellent window cleaner and can help remove hard water deposits as well. You can also add a quarter cup of it to the final rinse cycle in your laundry to remove the scratching feeling that some clothes develop.

Washing Soda

Some people confuse washing soda with baking soda, but they are not the same thing and gloved should be use when handling this cleaning product. However, it is still less harsh than many commercial products now available and can be used on really tough stains that cannot be removed by other methods.

So if you are wanting to keep your home as natural and chemical-free as possible and are also interested in saving a ton of money, trying this products in your home. You will be amazed not only at how much money you save, but at just how effective this products can be at keeping the house sparkling clean.

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