5 Nature-Inspired Decor Ideas For Your Living Space


Long before humans made their abode in brick homes, they used to reside in the heart of nature. However, gone are the days when we would converse so well with Mother Nature, having lived with her all around us. Should you feel  the need to get back to nature, here are some excellent nature-inspired decor ideas for you to indulge.

Happy decorating!


1. Showstopping accent lighting

Who needs an expensive work of art when you can easily DIY a beautiful lotus-flower chandelier? All you need is some glue, plenty of shells, and dash of creativity, and before long, your fabulous chandelier  you will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Tip: bring the beach to you and create a beautiful Mother-Nature-meets-pop-art look with a little neon paint, shells, colored sand and scales.


2. Go green, go earthy

You’d be surprised at just how refreshing it would be to have your room done in earthy green. There are even leather furniture that complement this look, and after you’ve gotten past the phase of identifying genuine leather from fake, you need to pair the look with that perfect rug, throw cushions, and fabric to complete style.


3. Renew and reuse

There are so many decorative effects one can make from old plastic and glass bottles. Apart from that, it’s fun to have the entire household collect and recycle the materials that can instantly be turned into a beautiful piece of decoration. Your family will not only learn how to practice reusing, recycling and renewing, your kids will also appreciate the fact that their hand-made art work will be displayed as a centerpiece in the living room for all to see. How’s that for a confidence booster?


4. Eco-friendly notes

Forget magnetic boards and using stinky marker pens to scribble notes on the whiteboard. Obtain a bamboo dry erase board from a specialty store and watch as your home comes alive with nature’s very own rustic style. No more nasty black marker stains and or having the smell permeate your home.


5. Be one with zen

Ordinary welcome mats just don’t cut it anymore. It’s time to create an earthly zen-like feeling at home with a pebble mat that’s sure to become the center of attention with your guests. Smooth pebbles are easy to procure, or you may even consider smoothing them yourself which makes it even more fun!

Alesia Hsiao
Alesia is an avid reader and bookworm. When she is not playing hide and seek with new research at her university lab she is keeping herself busy writing for NaturalNews. She also writes for QSP as a virtual assistant