5 Natural Ways To Reduce Your Menopause Symptoms


Menopause is one among many stages and transitions that every woman has to undergo at a certain age. Basically, it is the absence of menstrual periods year after year which occurs when a woman reaches 51 years and above hypothetically. It is when the functions of the ovaries halt. The whole process is gradual and it tags along symptoms and complications. The symptoms of menopause can include mood changes, hot flashes and abnormal vaginal bleeding. Complications that might be involved are osteoporosis which is a condition that makes the bones weak making fragile as a result of a loss of tissue due to hormonal changes. The other complication is a heart disease. (Seibel, April 12, 2016).

There are several natural ways of reducing menopause symptoms and among them are:

1. Reducing Stress Levels

This can be achieved through avoidance of high-stress circumstances that probably might affect the physical body and state of mind emotionally. Stress can be cut down through meditation and doing things that relax both the body and mind. Maca powder which is made from a medicinal Peruvian root is highly useful in hormonal balancing hence reducing mood swings. Mindful breathing provides a calming effect on the mind thus capable of reducing menopause anxiety and hot flashes.

2. Healthy Eating

As much as many people despite good eating habits, t is important since different types of food have different ability to change our behaviour and moods. For a woman experiencing this kind of transition it is vital for her to be eating clean, nutrient dense foods and at the same time avoid sugary and processed foods. Vitamin D is an essential for a healthy body. It facilitates healthy and strong bone renewal, cell growth and hormonal balance. This vitamin D should be incorporated in their daily diet. (Gillespie, January 1, 2003).

3. Supplements

There are different types of natural supplement good enough to help a woman undergoing through menopause be able to manage it Such supplements are like A-ma-ta which is extracted from estrogenic herbs, Pueraria Mirifica that consists of three strong phytoestrogen. This type of supplement assists in reducing hot flashes.

4. Acupuncture

It is a traditional Chinese therapy. It helps in balancing hormones in the body, manages stress by detoxifying and minimising stress levels in the body. Though traditional it facilitates treatment of joints and muscle pain as well as reducing mood changes and hot flashes. Acupuncture provides relief for many women during their menopause transition.

5. Herbs

Herbs have hugely contributed to natural ways of reducing menopause symptoms. St. John’s Wort is a herb in the United States that is used for the purpose of reducing mood swings, improving sleep, relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety. The herb is extracted from a wild flowering plant called Hypericum Perforatum. Only the leaves of the flower are harvested and dried. It can be ingested through brewing it in tea among other methods. Ginseng is another herb that is used for therapeutic purposes. (Crawford, July 21, 2009).

Natural alternatives, therefore, are the best in reducing menopause symptoms and majority of the women should refuse to accept hormone replacement therapy in treating their menopause symptoms.


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