5 Must Have Types of iPhone Apps for Every Woman


Ok, girls, of all apps available on the App Store, there are certainly some must have types of apps for you and your iPhone. We are talking about all the cool photo editing, collage creating, body shaping, dating and social tools to bring the vividness of your lives to the top heights. Keep your body healthy, share your smiles with the world, catch positive vibes coming in your direction, communicate and love. Great mixture, isn’t it? Check the list we’ve picked for you below and don’t think twice, get the apps.

Note that we are not talking about particular apps. It is about the types of apps that make your iPhone so amazing.

  1. Photo Editing iPhone Apps

Don’t you love to take pictures? And sharing them with friends, family and why not the whole world? Then having a good photo editing app on your device is a reasonable decision. Why imprison your creativity within scarce built-in solutions? A good third-party photo editing app will help you make your shots sweeter. It will be there to add some pepper when you feel a picture is too neutral and plain. It’s up to you and your inner artist.

Let’s take photo editor Filterra as a good example. If you need a quick result, there are dozens of filters to bring desired mood to your image. Change filters and find the right atmosphere. If you are willing to invest some extra time into fine-tuning your photos, there are all the tools ready to give you this opportunity. Adjust color, brightness and contrast, dive deep into tonal ranges, try vignetting and fading, resize, scale, do whatever seems to be appealing.

There are many photo editing apps from different developers out there in the App Store. Check several of them and use the one or two you like the most. Why is it worth trying several photo editors? Some apps will offer you surprising features like changing eyes’ size with the help of a simple slider. How could you know about that without trying? Discovering new features in the name of beauty can be fun. Don’t miss the chance!

  1. Fitness or Workout Apps

You want to stay healthy and fit, right? To be more attractive and feel energized? Hold on a minute, doesn’t it imply joining a fitness club and driving there on a regular basis? Well, this is a good idea, but definitely not the only option. Thanks God we are living in a modern world full of opportunities. They say where a will is – there is a way. Install “the way” on your iPhone and let your “will” out.

The range of available fitness apps is amazing. Jogging, gym workout, yoga, all kinds of tracking, apps reminding of a scheduled workout and dozens more. If you are just about to begin your journey and thinking about finding a kind of personal trainer both to teach you what and how to do and encourage you to stay on track, check out Sworkit Lite.

Sworkit will help you with workout routine wherever you happen to be. It’ll build a program for you according to the chosen category of training (strength, cardio, yoga or stretching) and time you are willing to spend in action. There are 170+ exercises all in all to ensure you won’t be bored and none of them implies you using special equipment. Your own body is enough to stay in a great shape. Feel free to use it!

  1. Photo Collage Apps

We are not done with pictures yet! How about a bit of additional manipulation to strike Instagram with? In the previous section we were talking about enhancing separate photos. It’s high time to evolve to collages.

A photo editing tool will help you to make impressive images and a photo collage app will be there for you to create stories. Choose a pattern, insert photos, select a background, spice the whole frame with text or stickers (if they seem to suit the overall idea of your story) and be proud of your story-telling skills.

From this category we will recommend you to try Moldiv. Try and see your collages being truly stylish. The app is very flexible and it’s full of great designer templates to help you create a wow-effect and thus get more likes. Easy to use, equally easy to impress.

  1. Dating Apps

All the photos are post-processed and are shining bright across your favorite social networks, workout is over and you feel proud of yourself and surprisingly active. Now you are ready for something bigger. Time to think about relationships! Make a good day great. And one more time your iPhone is ready to assist you in intriguing search-and-find game. Install one of the multiple popular dating apps and enjoy the whole world of opportunities open to you.

Let’s be trendy and choose Tinder. Why is it so popular? It is easy to start with and very fun. The developers tacked such unpleasant notion as fear of rejection with the mutual likes system. If you happen to like a guy and he does the same towards you (there is no way to know whether the person liked you in advance, unless it was a so-called “super-like”) it will be a match. So from this point on you will be able to chat through the app. The next step can be a real adventure outside of your smartphone, of course, if the guy passes the chatting test beforehand (sure you have one for him, don’t you?).

  1. Social Apps

Come on, we know that you are a texting-guru! Long gone are the times of short message services. Now you are the boss of your messages length. Hail all the instant messaging apps that have transformed the world of today.

Most of your friends are on Facebook, that’s a strong reason to choose Facebook Messenger to stay social and connected. No need to ask somebody to install the app, everybody is already in. Chat with the one, chat with many, call your friend via the app. Send pictures, audios, videos. It’s all free as long as you have access to Internet. You can even send and receive money from your friends through the app.

After all Messenger is a great tool to keep in touch with those no matter near or far from you. A great tool that is as close as in your iPhone, and it’s just a tap away.

Here we come. All of app types reviewed today are worth being installed on your iPhone. If not for frequent use, then just every now and then. You never know when you’ll need some magic to be applied to your pictures and when you will be in the mood to text a friend or even find a boyfriend. What concerns fitness apps, it, of course, is more about firm decision to work on yourself than about occasion, but we believe you have already made one.

What are your favorite apps in the categories described? Do you have other app types to add to the women must-have list? Share your ideas in the comments!




Dmitri Breakston