5 Must-Have Fruits to Include in Your Gout Diet


Colchicine and Allopurinol alternatives that can be found in nature; learn how to stop gout with diet as we explore fruits that stop gout.

It is possible to cure your gout symptoms through changes to your diet without pharmaceutical drugs. Colchicine and Allopurinol alternatives come in the form of natural tropical fruits –readily available at your local grocery store. Only most won’t bother to do the research –and the drug companies prefer it that way.

What if you could save money on pharmaceutical drugs for gout by consuming natural solutions to the gout problem? Or better yet –what if you could end all of your gout problems once and for all with a few simple additions to your diet?

Seasonal Tropical Fruit to End Gout

There are a number of seasonal tropical fruits that are available to those in North America, Europe, Australia, and other countries where gout is rampant. Eating these fruits can potentially end gout symptoms, however consistency is everything and you will still need to mind your sugar (fructose) intake.

We suggest dicing and freezing these tropical fruits that cure gout for smoothies and healthy deserts even after they’re out of season.

5 Must-Have Fruits to Include in Your Anti-Gout Diet

  1. Bananas

Since bananas are high in potassium they help convert uric acid into liquid form which is then transferred to your kidneys which filter and excrete it via urine. Unchecked, uric acid is what crystalises to become gout symptoms and makes your life painful, so bananas seem to be the way to go –and we made them number one because they only contain 105 calories each, and are low in sugar and/or fructose. The vitamin C alone is already helpful in combating uric acid, the potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, and folic acid that accompany it are the icing on the cake.

  1. Cherries

Cherries are another fruit that comes full of vitamin C which combats uric acid, however they have additional benefits. Tart cherries are probably the best cherries for treating gout, however the average sweet cherry only contains 63 calories per 100g which isn’t so bad.

In addition to vitamin C, cherries contain a number of other compounds which rid your body of gout symptom-causing uric-acid and the painful symptoms that come along with it –25 individual cherries are more potent for killing pain or inflammation than your average Ibuprofen, Acetometaphen or Paracetamol.

Numerous studies have indicated how cherries are beneficial to gout sufferers. Making them even more beneficial cherries not only contain a higher content of anthocyanins than other fruits, they also contain unique anthocyanins not found in other berries.

Cherries also help with a number of other ailments most of us will encounter in our lives; a wide variety of cancers, neurological diseases, and even jet lag.

  1. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits for gout treatment are probably the most controversial form of natural gout treatment, however it is this author’s view that they are quite effective.

When relying on citrus fruits for gout treatment, you need to take into account your PH levels, so please keep in mind that Esther C (which is a patented version of vitamin C) is absorbed into the body more effectively while also having a lower PH. This means Esther C is less acidic, while carrying the banner effects of the supplement –antioxidants, and plenty of them.

Combined with the other health suggestions in this list, a healthy dose of citrus fruits will help combat gout by excreting uric acid –the lead cause of gout—through urine.

Excreting uric acid from the body is likely a more effective gout treatment over time because it assists your body in using its natural defenses from gout as opposed to manufacturing your human response to it –thus making your body heal instead of receiving temporary reprieve from gout symptoms. While we’re not against taking pharmaceutical drugs to treat gout, we strongly suggest giving natural fruits a shot!

A study from Boston University School of Medicine who followed 1317 men, developed gout during this 20-year period. The study found that those who took 1,000mg to 1,499mg per day had a 34% lower risk of gout and those who took 1,500mg per day had a 45% lower risk. The lesson here is to make sure you eat some citrus fruits in your daily gout diet which are loaded with vitamin C.

  1. Pineapple

Pineapple alone is not a suitable treatment for gout on it’s own, however, the sturdy stem of the pineapple is. The stem of pineapple contains bromelain; an active compound that reduces inflammation unlike any other fruit while actually decomposing the crystals which are responsible for making your life difficult.

Bromelain decomposes uric acid crystals, and because of this it makes pineapples an incredibly important source of anti-gout diet goodness.

Not only is pineapple an anti-inflammatory, it’s also a blood thinner that prevents bruising, swelling, tenderness, sprains, and is completely ideal after a surgery for its healing properties.

Simply put, taking 500 mg of bromelain twice per day in between meals in supplement form will probably be all you need to combat gout.

  1. Berries

Simple berries are well-known for their antioxidant properties, which aid in the treatment of gout-related symptoms. However, they offer much more than simple oxidation-reducing qualities when chosen thoughtfully.

Berries have been known to reduce inflammation for many generations, and we suggest common blackberries of all berries for the elimination of gout symptoms –they are less sweet, less tart, and more satisfying than blueberries. Blackberries also contain less fructose and sugar than your average variety berry and yet they contain more gout-fighting benefits that their cousins.

In Summary

Gout symptoms can be fought with a natural diet that includes fruits from the tropics, however it depends on their availability. If you’re going to include fresh fruit as a method of dealing with gout symptoms, it is important to choose fruits that don’t contain much sugar or fructose.

Have you had success with fruit in dealing with your own personal gout symptoms? Let us know in the comments!

Spiro Koulouris
Spiro Koulouris is the author of the website goutandyou.com where he writes on different topics that relate to gout, helping educate the millions of gout patients who suffer from this painful disease around the world. His mission is to help educate gout sufferers on the importance of a change in lifestyle and how diet plays a big role in keeping gout attacks away. Spiro Koulouris has suffered from gout ever since he was diagnosed in his early 20s and lays out some of his experiments in battling gout.