5 More Healthcare Myths Exposed!


It’s no secret that our healthcare system is broken. More and more people are also realizing that ObamaCare is not the solution! It takes more than expanding access to our current broken sick care system. We must let go of these healthcare myths and develop a new healthcare system that is based on building real health and healing!

The American Healthcare system is filled with many inconsistencies. In the last article, we learned about these healthcare myths:

  • Myth #1: ObamaCare Will Save our Health Care System

  • Myth #2: Pharmaceutical Drugs Make You Healthy

  • Myth #3: Vaccination Provides Immunity

  • Myth #4: Low Fat Diet Foods Help You Lose Weight

  • Myth #5: Chiropractic Healthcare is Only for Bad Backs and Necks

In this article, we cover five more.

Myth #6: The Flu Shot is Safe and Effective Healthcare

Every year, beginning in early fall, we begin to hear about how deadly the flu is and how our best flu prevention is the flu shot. It’s like a broken record. Then, towards the end of winter, we hear the same news every year about the incredible ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine.

This CNN Health article reported that the 2012-2013 flu vaccine was only 56% effective for adults a children and only 9% effective for seniors! Every year, the flu shot effectiveness rate averages about 50 percent, according to the CDC. That is the statistical equivalent of flipping a coin and hoping you don’t get sick. It means that 1 of every 2 people who get the flu shot every year will still get the flu.

This leaves us with only two possible conclusions about the flu shot.

  1. The flu shot simply does not work.

  2. It is a guessing game that the CDC experts just aren’t very good at.

Worse yet, even if you do manage to dodge the flu, the flu shot is extremely toxic and very dangerous to your health. The flu vaccine has caused the flu itself, Guillain-Barre syndrome, mercury toxicity, brain inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, anaphylactic shock, seizures in infants and narcolepsy. It has also caused miscarriages. In fact, despite claims that the flu shot will not harm pregnant women or their unborn children, it has never been tested in pregnant women. Yet, between 2009 and 2010, fetal deaths due to flu vaccinations increase by 4,250%!

While the flu shot is neither safe nor effective healthcare, there are very safe and practical ways to prevent the flu, as well as, safe ways to treat it naturally. Read more about how to build a flu proof immune system here. Additionally, learn how Chiropractic healthcare proved to be the life-saving hero during the worst flu season ever – the 1918 flu pandemic.

Myth #7: Statin Drugs Prevent Deadly Heart Attacks and Strokes

Many millions of people have been placed on statin drugs over the years to avoid a fatal heart attack or stroke. However, their ability to do so is a complete myth! Statin drugs do one thing well for many people – they lower cholesterol. However, they have failed miserably at actually preventing death due to heart attack and strokes!

What we have learned from this is that cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. We have also learned that cholesterol can be protective against heart attack and strokes in many people.

Cholesterol serves a purpose in your body. It is there to build healthy cells and to repair damaged cells. Your body actually requires cholesterol for good health. It is time that we stop treating it as the enemy!

Statin drugs have been shown to have dangerous and deadly side effects. You must understand this before taking them. If you are already lowering your cholesterol with drugs, you owe it to yourself and your family to understand more about heart disease and the Cholesterol Myth.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States. However, cholesterol has little to do with the 600,000 people killed by heart disease every year. While statin drugs lower cholesterol, they do not lower your risk of death. Learn how to heal heart disease naturally.

Myth #8: Cancer Research Will, One Day, Find a Cure

Since the early 1900s, the incidence of cancer has increased by over 700%! According to the American Cancer Society, about 1.66 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in 2013. Yet cancer researchers are no closer to finding a cure. Why? Because the War on Cancer is a farce!

The American Cancer Society has said that, with enough time, a cure will be found for cancer. If this were true, then a cure would have already been found years ago. However, it is a myth that cancer research will find a cure.

While there is no ‘cure’ for cancer, cancer can be healed. The truth is that your body is designed to heal cancer all on its own. It does so everyday without you even being aware of it. A cure, by definition, is a medicine; a drug. Our healthcare system is built on treating symptoms with drugs, falsely hoping that the disease will somehow be cured. However, healing is a natural process that is innate to your body.

So, while buying pink may make you feel as though you are contributing to a great cause, your dollars are actually funding a medical research system that is only producing more toxic cancer drugs. More people actually die from cancer treatment than from cancer itself.

Many millions have healed cancer naturally. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you can heal naturally as well! If you have not been diagnosed with cancer, then you can adopt the same healing lifestyle that will prevent cancer from ever developing in your body.

Myth #9: If You Feel Good, Then You Are Healthy

This is one the most dangerous myths of our healthcare system! Most people simply base their health on how they feel, mistakenly believing that if they feel good, then they are healthy. However, it can be very dangerous to base your health only on how you feel. Your health is more about how you function rather than how you feel. Consider these facts.

Many millions of people feel great but:

  • Your arteries can be 50-70% clogged before you have your first symptom of heart disease!

  • By the time a medical test detects cancer, it has already grown to over 4 billion cells!

  • 50% of the time, the first sign of a heart problem is the actual heart attack and 50% of those heart attacks are fatal!

You may feel great, yet you can have cancer or heart disease developing. You can feel well and yet your body can be functioning poorly and developing disease. The health and healing of your entire body is controlled by your nerve systemNinety percent of your nerve system is controlling the functions of your body. Only 10 percent of your nerves are concerned with how you feel. To gain real health and wellness, focus on a well functioning nerve system in addition to a well feeling body! This is the basis of a REAL Healthcare System!

Myth #10: Exercise Will Help You Lose Weight

Information about weight loss can be very confusing. There are so many ideas and opinions. Some say that you don’t have to exercise to lose weight, just follow this particular diet. Some say that you don’t have to exercise or diet, just take this magic weight loss pill (which is a myth as well)!

If you want to – not only lose weight but – gain real health and wellness, then exercise is essential! However, did you know that exercise can actually make you fat? Exercise changes the hormones that your body produces. Certain exercise will cause the release of hormones that cause you to store more fat and build weak, flabby muscles. However, high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise produces different hormones that supercharge your body’s fat burning and help you build lean, fit muscle.

This is why there is so much confusion about exercise and weight loss. The weight loss effects of your exercise efforts depends on the type of exercise you perform. You can dramatically increase your weight loss with exercise but it has to be the right type of exercise. Read more about getting the best results from your exercise efforts for fat loss and reversing diabetes.

The truth is that the healing ability of your own body is so much more powerful than our healthcare system gives it credit for. You are not weak and doomed to disease. Even with a genetic predisposition, you can overcome disease and achieve real healing. However, it will take a completely different healthcare system.

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