5 Lifelong Benefits of Family Travel


Family Travel Has Lifelong Benefits for Children

Traveling with children can be a daunting idea for many families. This is especially true for those who have young children. When young children are involved there seems to be a larger potential for things to go wrong. Planning for family travel and packing for the trip is even harder when infants and toddlers are tagging along.

Despite these difficulties, there are many reasons why you should continue to travel after having children. Experts agree that travel is beneficial for adults and kids alike. Here are 5 lifelong benefits of family travel.

Exposure to Different Cultures

In today’s digital age, one of the greatest things that we can give our children is preparation for how to thrive in this new interconnected world of ours. How can you do this? By exposing your children to different cultures! By teaching your children to appreciate different ways of living, you set them up for success in the global world. A person that is able to communicate and interact with people across different cultures is a person that is more prepared for success in life.

Limitig Screen Time

Traveling as a family means time spent together that may not be possible during non-vacation time. Studies show that limiting screen time for children is important for their growth and development. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends the preschoolers use screens no more than 1 to 2 hours per day. Family travel is a great way to show your children just how much is possible without the use of computers, tablets or smart phones. With so much to see and do in the world, your children will discover new ways to learn and explore.

Creating Memories

Making memories as a family is important for many reasons. For parents and children alike, memories of time spent together on family vacations can be some of the best and fondest memories created. Traveling with your family gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and do things out of the ordinary. Whether it’s taking a balloon flight, white water rafting, or something as tranquil as a visit to a national park, these memories that you create will last a lifetime.

Travel is Educational

Seeing the world firsthand provides an education that is completely different than the education that children get in school. Travel teaches children about the economy, world politics, global history, geography, and sociology in an hands-on way that no classroom education can even come close to matching. The history of the world is amazing. There are so many places in the world rich in history that you can explore as a family. Wherever you choose to travel, the possibilities to make things teaching moments is endless.

Travel Challenges You

Going about your daily routine tends to become just that, routine. It’s never too late to break away from the ordinary and do something extraordinary. Make this the year that you take that family vacation and do something that inspires you. Travel is full of moments of joy as well as challenges. By overcoming the challenges, you can give yourself some of the greatest joys of all. How better to spend time with your family?



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