5 Herbs To Boost Immunity To The Next Level That You Have Got To Try


Most people understand that we live in a polluted world. And we need stronger immune systems in order to flourish in such harsh conditions.  We need immunity like Godzilla.

And so are we.  Our immune system needs help, and herbs are the greatest sources of support found in Creation.  So what exactly can we use to assist in boosting our immune system to the next level?

There’s a lot of information to wade through.  Lot’s of conflicting information.  Information from questionable sources, uninformed amateurs, or salesman in disguise.  But what herbs can really help?

Herbs that really work for immunity

We need herbs that really work.  Also, we need the herbs to give us a fighting chance in our polluted world. Of course, a short list of five herbs might not change your life.  But it’s a great place to start.  So what are these five, life-altering herbs that promise to bring your immunity to a whole, new level?

The Five Herbs:

  1. Astragalus–A herb used for centuries by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  And if it’s been proven effective through hundreds of years of use, then it’s got to be fantastic!  Astragalus helps create white blood cells, which aids your immune system fight pathogens.
  2. Echinacea–Everyone knows echinacea is a dynamite herb.  But did you know there were two different types of Echinacea?  One is called purpurea, and the other is augustifolia.  When used in combination, they are like rocket fuel for immunity.
  3. Goldenseal–Once given to Baby Jesus at the Nativity–(not really, I just made that up.  But it definitely should have been, because Jesus was born in a barn.) Goldenseal has impressive immune system stimulant properties and is one of the most rapidly effective.  In addition, it is a proven anti-microbial and antibiotic.
  4. Oregano Oil– Don’t be confused.  This is not the oil used to dip your garlic bread in.  It’s an extremely powerful antibiotic.  And when you ingest it in capsule form, it can battle the worst bacterial and viral infections.  MRSA better watch out!
  5. Garlic–Bacterial, viral, and fungal infections are annihilated by Garlic.  Particularly, if taken before the infection occurs, it has a great immune system building response.  And don’t worry.  There are burpless varieties on the market.  So you can skip the groovy garlic burps while in the middle of an important meeting.

Where you can find these herbs:

Don’t skimp when you decide to purchase these five immune boosting herbs.  Buy professional-grade products from a trusted holistic health practitioner.  You’re worth a couple of extra bucks it takes to not only survive in this sick world but to thrive!

Don’t know a holistic health practitioner you can trust?  Want more advice and healthy lifestyle tips like this?  Contact me today!  And let’s get you healthy!  Like my page on Facebook!




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