5 Healthy Foods That Aren’t Really Healthy


Consumers today are, by and large, more educated about their health and are honestly trying to do the right thing in regards to nutrition for themselves and their families. This can be hard, though, when foods are misrepresented in the media or, more likely, by their manufacturers as being healthy when in fact they are nothing of the sort.

The foods discussed below have got positive – and totally undeserved – press and while they masquerade as health foods, they can really have some seriously negative health impacts. Read on to find out more about these foods – and why health-conscious people should avoid them.

Orange Juice

Orange juice has a great reputation as being good for the body and is still the most popular breakfast drink in America. However, if it has been bought from the store, it is loaded with simple sugars (sometimes added artificially). It is not good for diabetics as it can spike up blood sugar levels quickly and overconsumption of this and other store-bought fruit juices has been linked to weight gain and heart disease among other serious conditions.

Whole Wheat Bread

Unless organic whole wheat bread is being consumed, beware. Much of the conventionally raised wheat in this country is now genetically modified, with the result that the human body simply has a hard time recognizing these strange new proteins. This can lead to serious digestive issues like gluten intolerance, chronic low-level inflammation and even celiac disease.

Gluten-Free Snacks

While there is nothing wrong with going gluten-free, manufacturers know that many people nowadays are trying for a “gf” diet and have come up with a whole range of what is essentially gluten free junk food. While free of this wheat protein that can cause so much distress, these foods are unfortunately full of sugar, salt and many unhealthy additives that the body is better off without. Read the labels on “gf” snacks carefully to make sure they are truly healthy.

Sugar-Free Products with Agave

More people are becoming aware of how truly healthy it is give up sugar, but do not realize that if they are buying sugar-free snacks that contain agave, they are actually exposing themselves to high levels of fructose that can be harmful to the body and spike up blood sugar levels. Chronically high blood sugar can lead to obesity and of course the onset of diabetes. Again, reading the labels carefully is important.

Low Fat Foods

Even though the low fat craze of the 90’s has largely been debunked, many people still seek out foods with the low fat label, thinking they are eating healthy. However, most low fat foods actually replace the calories that would have come from fat with unhealthy carbohydrates that have been linked to problems like weight gain and heart disease.

So be careful around food products like those mentioned above – they may sound like they are healthy, but truly they are not. The best way to eat healthy is to follow a whole-foods diet based on organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains and organic meat and high-quality dairy to avoid these dangerous additives that do far more harm than good.

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