5 Healthy Diet Choices Fit People Eat Everyday


Nutrition is an important aspect when it comes to our diet choices. Before I started my journey to healthy eating, I was extremely unhappy about my weight. And no matter how I tried to change my diet, I always find myself returning back from my old and destructive eating habits.

Bad habits are hard to break. Primarily because they become routine, and take a huge part in our lifestyles. Eliminating bad habits can be quite a challenge, so instead of eliminating them you should replace them according to this huffington post.

For my part, my bad eating habits comprised of: overeating, too much carbonated drinks, and an unhealthy addiction to sugar and carbohydrates. Instead of not ever eating these kinds of food, I replaced them with much healthier alternatives.

The following are healthy diet choices you can try to replace or reduce your bad eating habits.

Whole Grains

Instead of your typical diet consisting of grains like pasta, bread, crackers, cakes, corn and potatoes switch to whole grains like oats, barley or quinoa. Whole grains contain your body’s much needed fiber that can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Refined grains are stripped of many kinds of nutrients including fiber, making them quite unhealthy for you.  If you’re unsure what foods are considered whole grains, here’s a big list of whole grains just for you.

Fresh Fruit Shakes

Cold carbonated drinks were my usual after meal drink. I felt thirsty whenever I couldn’t drink my favorite sodas. I realized that sodas have significantly higher sugar content, and that it’s better to opt for natural fruit sugars. Our bodies need glucose to feed the cells, and without glucose you’ll die. Why not try fruit shakes instead? Aside from getting a healthy dose of Vitamin C, fruit shakes are actually more refreshing and healthier than your normal soda in a can.

Dried Fruits

When we’re craving for sweets, we just can’t disregard our favorite munchies and candies. Candy is loaded with unhealthy refined sugar that contains no protein, fiber or vitamins. It’s just a whole load of empty calories. Instead of candy, switch to dried fruits if you’re having your sugar cravings. Dried fruits contain potassium and fiber that is healthy for your body.

Onion Rings

Are you craving for something salty and crunchy? Try healthy onion rings. They blend well to any seasoning; just add breading or seasoned breadcrumbs. Onions contain phytochemicals that improve Vitamin C in your body. Onions are also known to reduce inflammations and heal infections in our body.

Egg Meals

If you’re working on those abs or legs, egg meals are your best choice if you want to consume a good amount of high quality protein. Eggs can make you feel full for a longer time, and it contains minerals such as iron, copper and zinc that are needed by the body.






Armela Escalona
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