5 Health Care Myths Exposed


What do the American Health Care system and Unicorns have in common? They are both mythical creatures! Our health care system does little to care for our health. In fact, it is not a health care system, it is a sick care system! Here are several examples to help you understand how to move past disease management and into real healing.

As a physician, I have had to face the bleak realities of our broken health care system for many years. It is crippled by design. For my patients to move past managing illness and achieve true healing, they have to understand these health care myths and know what a real health care system actually looks like.

Myth #1: ObamaCare Will Save our Health Care System

ObamaCare has always had plenty of opposition. However, ObamaCare opposers now stand with the majority of Americans who understand that it simply cannot work. ObamaCare has been plagued with so many problems that it’s functional existence is as mythical as a unicorn!

The HealthCare.gov website is totally broken and it likely cannot be fixed. ObamaCare – officially called the Affordable Care Act –  is completely UNaffordable for both individuals and employers alike. Doctors do not like it and many do not want to participateInsurance companies do not like it and cannot provide what Obama has promised.

That is reason enough to scrap the whole thing! However, the real reason ObamaCare will not save our health care system is that it does absolutely nothing to address actual HEALTH care. It simply aims to expand access to our already broken sick care system that does not address HEALTH care.

Our current health care system does not care for health. It manages sickness and disease. As a result, medical treatment is the third leading cause of heath in the U.S. (through the combined effect of drug interactions, medical mistakes, and hospital acquired infections).

ObamaCare does nothing to address this problem. It is not even intended to do so. Therefore, ObamaCare cannot fix our health care system.

Myth #2: Pharmaceutical Drugs Make You Healthy

A drug is defined as “any substance, other than food, used in the prevention, diagnosis, alleviation, treatment, or cure of disease.” (Stedman’s Medical Dictionary). The concept of a ‘cure’ is certainly confusing. Medical research doesn’t seem to really be looking for actual cures. However, even if a drug is claimed to cure disease, it cannot heal. A drug can only counteract symptoms and help you manage disease.

This is why our current health care system is so broken. It focuses on treating symptoms and managing disease rather than health and healing. A real health care system must provide for your health – not your sickness. It must allow you body to heal – not manage disease.

Your body is designed to heal itself naturally. In fact, it does so everyday. From a paper cut to cancer, your body is a healing machine! However, when interference exists in your nerve system, you cannot heal.

This nerve system interference causes symptoms of disease – such as elevated blood pressure. If we simply treat the symptom with a drug, you will not be any healthier. In fact, you will be even more sick due to the secondary effects of the drug! However, if you remove the interference, your body will heal as it is designed to do with absolutely no need of any drugs.

Myth #3: Vaccination Provides Immunity

This is the dirty little secret of the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry. Vaccines do not provide immunity. However, Big Pharma does not want you to know this! They even try to hide this fact by giving vaccination the erroneous alternate name of ‘immunization’. However, vaccines should never be called immunizations because that is a misnomer.

You have heard a lot about so-called ‘immunization programs’ and creating ‘herd immunity’. However, these are simply myths. Vaccines create a sensitization response in your body not immunity. This is made clear by the fact that most vaccines require booster shots; whereas, natural immunity (produced in your immune system when you actually battle the infectious disease) provides real, life long protection against disease. Additionally, many ‘outbreaks’ – like the recent whooping cough outbreak – occur among vaccinated children. They were vaccinated but did not have real immunity.

Unvaccinated kids can get sick as well but when they do, their bodies develop real, natural, lifetime immunity to that illness. Conversely, vaccines only produce a temporary sensitization reaction in your body – not immunity.

The fact that vaccines do not even work the way that they are claimed is a primary reason that millions of people have decided to exempt themselves and their children from them. When you add to this, the extreme toxicity (mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, aborted human fetal cells, GMO yeast, monkey kidney cells, etc.) of vaccines, there is plenty of reason to avoid them altogether.

Myth #4: Low Fat Diet Foods Help You Lose Weight

These diet foods are often loaded with sugar and hormone disrupting toxic chemicals. Both of these destroy your health and your metabolism. They do not help you lose weight but actually make you fatter!

Additionally, the low fat diet fad has created a lot of sick people. Your body requires fat everyday. Your brain and nerve cells are composed of mostly fat. Every one of the 3+ trillion cells in your body is made of an outer layer of fat.

Your body is constantly repairing damaged, old cells and building new cells. Without a steady supply of healthy fats, your body can only build weak, unhealthy cells.

Instead of eating low fat fad foods, focus on eating healthy fats like coconut oil, avocados, olives, nuts and seeds. These healthy fats build healthy cells, balance inflammation and actually cause you to lose weight. Research has shown that consuming 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily resulted in significant reductions in belly fat. This led to not only weight loss but also loss of inches around the belly.

Myth #5: Chiropractic Health Care is Only for Bad Backs and Necks

Research has proven Chiropractic as the most effective and least expensive treatment for low back pain, many cases of sciatica, neck pain and headaches. I have personally had great success with these conditions in my chiropractic practice for years. In fact, many people seek Chiropractic health care for that purpose alone.

However, back pain relief is actually not the end goal of Chiropractic health care. The purpose of chiropractic is the optimization of your nerve system. Your brain, spinal cord and nerves make up your nerve system and it controls health and healing throughout your entire body.

Your spinal cord and nerves are surrounded by the bones of your spine. When your spine is healthy, it serves to protect your spinal cord and nerves. However, when your spine is misaligned, it interferes with your nerves and inhibits your natural, innate healing. This interference causes organs to deteriorate and ultimately results in disease.

Chiropractic adjustments remove this nerve interference and restore normal health and healing to your body. In fact, the very first chiropractic adjustment – in 1895 – restored not only healing but hearing to the first chiropractic patient. Early chiropractic health care was used for heart disease patients that were given up by the medical community. Chiropractic treatment was shown to be more effective than medical treatment for infectious disease during the 1918 flu pandemic. Chiropractic does not treat infectious disease but improves your body’s immune system and it’s own innate healing ability.

While Chiropractic health care is extremely effective for pain syndromes, it’s real power lies in it’s ability to optimize your nerve system. This results in, not only pain relief but real healing!

The truth is that the healing ability of your own body is so much more powerful than our health care system gives it credit for. You are not weak and doomed to disease. Even with a genetic predisposition, you can overcome disease and achieve real healing. However, it will take a completely different health care system.

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Dr. Brent Hunter
My mission is to help you Achieve Wellness! I am a Chiropractic physician with a focus on delivering the principles of a wellness lifestyle to people of all ages. In my practice, this is accomplished through providing specific chiropractic care and whole-person wellness education.

Additionally, I am a husband and father of a Deaf son. I am passionate about the Word of God, building strong families, Chiropractic Health Care, Optimal Nutrition and Exercise, Deaf Culture and American Sign Language.