5 Guidelines To Keep Your Testosterone Strong As You Age


It is widely believed that as a man ages, his testosterone levels decline — just one of the sad facts of life that we have to live with.

Well good news! Science has shown that this may very well be incorrect!

As a matter fact, men who are considered to be in great health maintain their testosterone levels, and do NOT experience a decrease in testosterone as they age. Obesity, smoking, and a few other health factors ARE linked to lower T, but age itself? No!

Thankfully, if the rules can go one way, they can go the other… there are a number of things you can do to naturally INCREASE your testosterone production. Follow these guidelines below, and you’ll keep your T production full speed as you head into your golden years… allowing you to maintain a healthy libido and erection quality for as long as you need them.

Not to mention all the positive mental effects that a healthy testosterone production brings.


Protein and fats have always been considered the manly nutrients that create testosterone.

When you hear about foods a man should eat to keep his testosterone levels high, you always hear about:

  • Oysters,
  • Chicken,
  • Red Meat,
  • Eggs, etc…

But did you know that CARBOHYDRATES play an extremely important role in your testosterone production as well? Perhaps even MORE than protein?!

As a matter of fact, a high carb/low protein diet beats out a high protein / low carb diet, when it comes to keeping healthy T levels.

And this effect is even stronger if there is exercise involved!

Don’t cut out the rice, pasta, and potatoes! Your testosterone needs them!


Testosterone and stomach fat have a complicated 2-way relationship. Studies have a tough time proving causality – do lower T levels create more stomach fat? Or does more stomach fat cause a reduction in testosterone?

What has been shown, however, is that there is a strong negative correlation between waist size and testosterone production. So try your best to lower that waist size, as it is something you have influence over!

Just don’t overdo rule #1, or this will be harder to achieve… when it comes to carbs, eat what you need, don’t over serve yourself, don’t eat excess starchy/bread-type (or sugary) carbs, and do some cardio!

To lose weight, the formula is simple, but worth hearing over and over = burn more calories than you take in.


Several studies have shown a STRONG positive relationship between a man’s Vitamin D levels and his testosterone production.

A man’s vitamin D levels experience a seasonal fluctuation, with a man having higher Vitamin D during spring/summer months, as compared to winter months – relating to the amount and (strength) of UV rays he’s absorbing.

Drinking milk, getting sunlight, and taking supplements have all been shown to be effective ways to up your intake of vitamin D, and therefore keep your testosterone levels up!

(Make sure to put on sunscreen, though, and don’t overdo it out there!  Just a few minutes is all you need).


It doesn’t have to be every day of the week for hours, but get in the gym a few times a week, and push your limits from time to time, and you will keep your T production nice and strong.

Several studies have shown that resistance training (weight lifting) increases testosterone levels in men, with significant effects in men both young and old.

For best testosterone boosting effects, work out larger muscle groups (your leg muscles are testosterone-pumping FACTORIES), increase your max weight limits as often as possible, eat well before and after your workout, and perform power workouts – leg press, squats, deadlift, bench press for the strongest effect.

One study has shown that an early-day weight lifting session keeps a man from experiencing a drop in testosterone levels for the rest of the day.


Once again, this seems to go against the idea of slimming down, but fats in moderation are essential to your manliness…

Not only are fats important to testosterone synthesis (recommended 30 – 40% of your daily intake for best T-boosting effect), but it reduces estrogen found in your body as well.

So make sure to order that extra bacon on your burger… use some real butter… cholesterol and saturated fats are synonymous with testosterone, BUT IN MODERATION!

And throw in some extra cardio!!

Follow These Guidelines, And Your Testosterone Will Thank You!

Testosterone is our key to overall masculine virility and strength. It increases our strength in the gym, allows us to pack on more muscle mass, improves our mental well-being, and boosts our performance in the bedroom!

These are some good basic guidelines to keep your testosterone levels nice and strong, all naturally, and without the need for testosterone replacement therapy.  You don’t have to follow them to a T, but just try your best to stick to them, and your body will respond positively!

Author Bio:

Through many trials and tribulations (due to being terrible in bed), David Carreras was lead to extensive research about how to improve his own abilities in the bedroom, including techniques, exercises and knowledge to last longer during sex, achieve harder erections, overcome sexual performance anxiety, increase penis size, shorten refractory period, how to make a woman orgasm, and more. He has gathered all of his findings and put them into Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement, www.mistermanpower.net.