5 Fabulous Natural Health Tools


When I first looked at living naturally, I was severely overwhelmed at the huge amount of natural health choices on offer. Where to start? Food? Clothing? Plastics? My environment? So began my quest to read everything I could get my hands on.

Eventually I overcame the overwhelm, when I realized that all I needed to do was choose one thing to change. That’s it. Once I had that one thing sorted, I moved onto the next thing that was important to me, and mastered that next one thing.

If you change your life in this manner, little by little, it won’t be a shock to the system at any point. Each little step brings you that little bit closer to your goal of a natural, chemical free life.

The 5 Fabulous Tools

– Water purifier

– Organic garden

– Essential oils

– Bicarbonate soda

– Apple cider vinegar

Let’s Look At These Individually

Water purifiers – are the best way to get into living naturally. What comes out of the tap, called water, is nothing more than a toxic sludge in my opinion. Do NOT drink what comes out of the tap, ever! If your budget doesn’t allow for a new purifier, try sourcing a second hand one from you local online classifieds or from your local flea market (that’s where my first one came from and I found it in perfect condition!)

Either way, new or used, getting your first water purifier should be top of your natural health shopping list. With our bodies being 80% water, the water we put in, is of paramount importance

Organic garden – One of your most pressing needs, as an up and coming, naturally living being, is to get an organic garden going. If you are new to growing food, just start small, and with a couple of foods that you already like to eat. You can buy seedlings, but I find it much easier to source organic in seeds. Not many places actually sell organic seedlings. Organic seeds are far easier to find.

If you aren’t able to have a garden at this time, get onto the task of finding certified organic food products. This way, you are avoiding ingesting G.M.O’s and it’s the only way to eat, if you are to lead a natural lifestyle. In addition, the array of antibiotics and hormones that are permitted in food and other products is shocking and mind numbing. 

Essential oils – organic only, are one of the very best ways to naturally combat many illnesses. To keep you and your family in the best of health, you need to keep at least the three top oils; oregano oil, black seed oil and magnesium oil. This trio make up my recommended base collection of essential oils due to their powerful anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic properties.

Be careful with these oils as they are highly potent. For instance, when you first start using oregano oil, the recommended dose for maintaining health is 1 drop x 3 times per day. Yes, ONE drop at a time!

Black seed oil has been hailed as the remedy for all illness except death. That sounds a little far fetched, but it’s absolutely fantastic for all manner of uses. I use it externally for cuts, stings and to clear up any skin issues.

In addition, taking black seed oil internally is also good for many ailments.

Bicarb & Apple Cider Vinegar

These two natural products are so useful, in so many ways. I use them in combination, instead of shampoo and conditioner. First I apply the bicarb in a paste and rinse, then I leave in the A.C.V. for a few minutes for the softening effect. A tablespoon a day of either or both is also a great internal cleanse.

I hope you’ve found some helpful hints and tips here, to head in the right direction of natural living. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are providing a clean, natural and safe environment for your family.





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