5 Empowering Tips to Overcome Lies About Your Health


It infuriates me that we are lied to about our health everyday! We have been told that disease comes from bad genes and bad germs and that there is nothing we can do about it. This is a lie! You have been told that pharmaceutical drugs produce health, that your ADD/ADHD child must take drugs for the rest of his life and there is nothing you can do about it. We have been told that there is no cure for cancer. Lies, lies and more lies! We have been told that vaccines are completely safe and effective for your health. This is a lie! We have been told that Obamacare is an affordable way to save our failing health care system. This is a lie! We have been told that GMO foods, fluoride, high fructose corn syrup and pesticide laden foods do not make us sick. These are yet more lies!  If we are not cautious, we may just begin to believe the lies ourselves. How do we protect ourselves from a world full of lies and misinformation regarding our health?

We are affected by everything that we see and hear on a daily basis. From television and radio commercials to conversations with friends and perfect strangers, we are inundated with information. However, so much of this information consists of half truths and flat out lies. These lies lead us to believe that we are powerless. They cause us to think that we must be dependent on doctors and drugs for the rest of our lives.

As adults, we are responsible for acting on this information appropriately for ourselves. As parents, we are responsible for protecting our children from these lies and deceptive information as well.  We are affected by everything that we hear and see. If you listen to a lie long enough, you eventually begin to believe it yourself. Controlling what information you and your children are exposed to is vital to producing real health and wellness.

5 Empowering Tips to Overcome Lies About Health

1) Take Personal Responsibility for your Health

If you take all of your health care advice from medical doctors, pharmaceutical drug commercials and mainstream media, then you will likely die a painful, early and needless death! Medical care is third leading cause of death in the U.S.

Find the real truth about your health! You have to do your own  homework. Seek the counsel of doctors and other health professionals but do not blindly take them at their word. They formed their beliefs about health over years of education, experience and exposure to various outside influences. However, that does not mean that every bit of health advice they give is best for you – or even correct.

Read independent websites such as Wellness AchieverNatural News, and Mercola.com. While these websites operate independently of mainstream media and the pharmaceutical industry, they still present opinions that you must verify for yourself.

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2) Prioritize Your Health

If you have not established priorities for your health, then you are likely opting for the easiest decision without even realizing it. However, these decisions may be destroying your health and causing you to feel defeated! Overcome this by thinking about and establishing what is most important for you.

For example, without clearly established health priorities, you may opt for a fast food drive through when running late for work. This decision will affect your mood and your productivity all day long. Chosen repetitively, this decision will create diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity.

However, when you have prioritized your health ahead of convenience, you will be more likely to stop at the grocery store (or even a convenient store) to pick up a piece of fruit, vegetables or nuts instead. Further, you will probably have chosen to prepare your meals ahead of time to avoid this situation. This will energize you and produce long lasting health benefits for days to come.

3) Avoid Commercials Promoting Junk Food & Drugs

There is a reason that your child feels like he has to have that box of sugar cereal when he goes to the grocery store with you. (By the way, does anyone think that Lucky Charms are actually healthy?) It is the same reason that he believes that he has to have the latest “Tickle Me Elmo”, video game or iPhone! It is also the same reason that you believe that you have to have the flu shot or the latest drug for your health. You have been sold!

We like to think that we make our own decisions without being influenced by commercials or salespeople (who may also include doctors and pharmacists). However, marketers know that the more often you are exposed to an advertisement, the more likely you are to buy that item.

You and your children have been constantly barraged by ads on television, radio and on the internet. It is very difficult to make independent decisions unless we purposely avoid these ads.

If you like to relax in front of the TV, then do so with the remote control in your hand. Change the channel or turn off the TV when the commercials start.

Of course, we also need to control what television programming we expose ourselves and our children to as well. Watching shows that do not support our health values will weaken our resolve and make it easier to believe the lies. Choose channels and programs that are positive and support healthy mindsets and healthy lifestyles.

4) Avoid Conversations that do not Support Your Health Values

Whether engaged in conversation with your family, friends, colleagues or perfect strangers, you are affected by the content of your dialogues more than you realize. Conversations will undoubtedly arise that counter your health values. If you choose to engage in negative or unhealthy conversation topics, then your mindset and mental resolve will be negatively affected. This will make it easier to believe the lies about your health.

If you are not comfortable countering these ideas, then change the subject. There are certain relatives and colleagues that I will not engage in conversations about health. This is difficult for me because natural health is something that I am very passionate about and it permeates every area of my life. However, I know that certain people are extremely negative and argumentative about these topics. Even discussing them will create negative and toxic emotions for me. I choose not to engage in that. My physical and mental health are more important than winning a debate!

5) Choose your Company Wisely

This is an extension of the topic above. If you want to experience great health and wellness, then you need to associate with like-minded people. While you cannot choose your family members and you may not be able to choose who you work with, you can choose your friends. You can choose the people with whom you will socialize. If your friends like to meet at McDonald’s for lunch while discussing their latest health problems and shiny, new prescription drugs, then they are not likely to support your healthy objectives.

Do not think that they will not affect you. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Choose company that will support your good health decisions. Make friends at the gym, at the health food store or at your chiropractor’s office.

Jim Rohn-The law of average

Here are some health truths to set your mind on now.

  • You are more powerful than the lies you have been told!

  • You can be well!

  • You can lose weight!

  • You can be free from disease and drugs!

  • You can achieve amazing health and wellness!

It all starts with the decisions you make everyday. Begin to shift your mindset from the lies you have been told to the truths about real health that you have been learning here. Your life will never be the same!

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