5 Easy Natural Beauty Treatments To Make With Milk


When most women think about milk, it is generally not in the context of beauty treatments! However, going back to ancient times, women all over the world have used milk to beautify their skin, nails and hair. It is natural, easy and inexpensive way to treat yourself to a little DIY spa time. Below are five recipes to get you started on your new regimen.

Milk Cleanser
For a gentle milk cleanser, mix together one cup milk (or soy milk), one half-cup oats and one tablespoon honey. Process ingredients together in blender until a creamy consistency is produced and store in refrigerator in glass container with tight-fitting lid. When you are ready to use it, simply apply a small amount to your fingers and massage gently into the skin, then rinse. It will leave the skin soft and completely moisturized.

Milk and Honey Bath
For a truly luxurious indulgence for your skin, simply combine two cups of organic milk with two tablespoons organic honey and add to a warm bath before stepping in. Treat yourself to a twenty minute soak and when you dry off, you will be amazed at how soft and nourished your skin really feels.

Milk and Honey Facial Scrub
To leave your skin both exfoliated and moisturized, make this scrub at home by blending three tablespoons milk, three tablespoons honey and one teaspoon crumbled raw organic oatmeal. Mix together until they form a thick paste then apply it to your skin and massage it gently for a few minutes. Rinse and pat dry. This will leave your skin clear and removed impurities like dirt and oil.

Nail Strengthener
For a natural and easy nail strengthening treatment, simply warm a cup of organic milk for 30 seconds in the microwave (making sure you don’t accidentally scald it!) and soak your hands in the warm milk after washing and drying them with a towel. Soak them for about five minutes, then rinse. You will notice that your nails are strong and glossy and your skin will be incredibly soft.

Milk-based Makeup Remover
To remove make-up without resorting to harsh chemicals which can dry out your skin or even cause an allergic reaction, combine a few drops of almond oil to one tablespoon of organic milk (whole milk is best for this). Dab a cotton ball into this mixture, then use it to remove makeup from the eyes and face, then rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

None of these recipes are difficult to make or require expensive ingredients. What is more, they are all natural treatments and so when you use them, you know exactly what you are putting onto your skin or hair and can rest assured that it will leave them beautiful in a natural and healthy way.


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