5 Detoxifying Beverages that Cleanse and Heal the Body


Detoxifying the body can go a long ways to improving your overall health. When toxins build up in the body, it works harder to stay healthier. The organs suffer along with the main systems of the body such as the immune system, circulatory system, cardiovascular system and nervous system. In order to help maintain optimal health you must cleanse the toxins from the body. Some of the best detoxifying beverages to use are listed below to help you begin your detoxifying journey.

1. Lemon Lime Water:

To help cleanse the body and alkalize it back to health lemon lime water is useful. It even helps stimulate the bowels so waste can be expelled.

To create this detoxifying beverage slice up a lemon and lime and place them into a large glass pitcher. Next, add in some purified water and allow the beverage to chill in the refrigerator for an hour or two. After, pour yourself a glass of this detoxifying beverage whenever you are thirsty or need something refreshing to drink.

2. Mint Tea:

Bountiful amounts of toxins hangout in the digestive system. In order to flush them out mint can be useful. Mint is also outstanding for healing the digestive tract and aiding in digestion.

To create a mint beverage that is tasteful and cleansing simply place three organic peppermint tea bags into a large glass pitcher. Next, add in some boiling water and allow the peppermint to releases its detoxifying properties into the water. After, place the beverage in the refrigerator to chill and serve it up later as a cooling cleansing peppermint iced tea.

3. Cucumber Water:

A detoxifying beverage that also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory to help reduce inflammation in the body is cucumber water.

To create this detoxifying beverage, slice up some cucumbers and place them into a large glass pitcher. After, fill the pitcher up with purified water, place it into the refrigerator to chill for a couple of hours or add ice, and drink a few glasses of this beverage to help cleanse the body naturally.

Cucumber water also helps detoxify the skin and helps clear up blemishes and acne from the inside out so drink up daily for the best results.

4. Ginger Lemon Infusion:

Whenever you want something warming and cleansing try a ginger lemon infusion. All you have to do is place three to four organic ginger root teabags into a large glass mason jar, add some slices of lemon and pour boiling water into it. Allow the infusion to sit on the countertop for twenty-minutes to allow the detoxifying and anti-inflammatory nutrients from the ginger and lemon to infuse into the water. After, add a little bit of raw organic honey for sweetness and drink the warming beverage down. This beverage is also excellent for improving the way the digestive system functions.

5. Green Tea with Ginseng:

A detoxifying beverage that is outstanding for the metabolism and flushing waste out of the body rapidly is green tea with ginseng.

To make this beverage you will need a tablespoon of organic loose leaf green tea leaves and a teaspoon of ground ginseng root powder. You can find these herbs at your local herbal shop. You will also need some purified water. Once you have these ingredients place the herbs into a small pot with two cups of water. Place a small lid onto the pot and bring the herbs and water to a rapid boil. After, remove the pot from the stove and allow the ingredients to steep for twenty minutes to form a tea. Next pour yourself a glass and drink it down.

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