5 Most Common Diet Mistakes


Diet mistakes are easy to avoid, provided you know how. From over-eating to skipping meals, there are a number of food habits that you need to restrict.

Let us review 5 common diet mistakes and learn to avoid them.

Too much food:
Healthy eating is not similar to weight loss regime. Losing weight is about being calorie conscious, while healthy eating is intake of nourishing food. Be more conscious about your health and eat nutritious food.

Go for simple menu which consists of 3 to 4 varieties of food items. Don’t take food in large amounts as it upsets your stomach and may even lead to vomiting. Instead, take light food which will keep you healthy.

Missing Breakfast:
Skipping breakfast does not reduce calories, but leads to gluttonous hunger the whole day. This may lead to abrupt snacking to curb hunger and also large meals during lunch only to make your calories soar.

Breakfast is good in fibre and protein which reduce hunger for the whole day. People who take breakfast in the morning are fit and have healthy weight. When you don’t take breakfast it reduces the energy of muscles making you feel tardy.

Taking very little amount of water:
This is a common mistake found in many people. Water plays a major role in our life, it replenishes the lost hydration and helps reduce weight.

People who take water, about eight or more than eight glasses or five liters of water daily has better chance of burning more calories when compared to people who take less water. So, drink sufficient water after every snack and meal. We utilize 20 % of calories daily from water intake.

Fill up with low fat diet:
Products with less fat should form an important part of your food. Don’t get confused between low calorie and low fat items, both are different.

For better health, it is not recommended to have second or further helpings of low fat food even. Maintain nutrition level, as recommended by diet experts, so that it helps you to take fat, calories and sugar in equal quantities.

Many health professionals now believe that a low-carb diet (higher in fat and protein) is a much better option to treat obesity and other chronic, Western diseases than low fat diet.

So Make sure you educate yourself about the basics of low-carbohydrate eating before undertaking a low-carbohydrate diet, Here is the Healthdaddy beginners guide to the low-carbohydrate diet.

Skip meals:
If you skip meals it leads to reduction of calories in your body. To make up for the lost calories, many people feel hungry during night time and gobble up whatever they find in the fridge. This leads to inconvenience and you may suffer from stomach ace or food may not get digested. So don’t try to skip meals and don’t eat excess food at night.

Don’t exercise:
If you ignore exercise your body will not be fit and energetic. Exercise keeps you free from stress and makes you relax. The best benefit is that you lose weight. Try ballet, running, swimming, biking, skipping and walking.

If you correct the above habits, you can keep your body fit and lose weight.

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