5 Big Lies Doctors tell Patients


99% of all sick people here believe their disease is not their fault, but their genes’ fault or the environment and are just waiting for a miracle drug to cure them; the other 1% believe they are at fault for how they feel and then take action to change their health, and many do! That same 99% also believe you should see a doctor when you feel sick; the other 1% do not believe they should see a doctor when they feel sick, in fact the 1% believe seeing their doctor is the reason why they got worse!

Does illness and ignorance go hand in hand? Some could argue that, but I think it’s deeper than simple ignorance – it’s trust! When you have seen your doctor for many years and you trust your doctor to never hurt you, you then start relying on him or her for every little thing, even for the slightest discomfort you might feel throughout your life. Some even go as far as trusting their doctor – blindly. And why wouldn’t you? You expect your doctor to have been educated by the best universities and have mastered the art of healing – but this is not reality!

The reality is that doctors never learn how to cure anything and probably know even less about what makes you truly healthy, than you do. The only education your doctor ever receives is how to cut you open and how to burn your insides with dangerous drugs, and do all of this without killing you! You better believe this takes many years to learn, but again has absolutely nothing to do with curing any ailment or symptom you will ever develop. And if you do happen upon a doctor who seems hip to the natural health movement, it’s not because that doctor learned it in school, but was self-taught, just like you and me! Schools don’t teach how to cure any disease, not any ‘accredited’ school here anyway.

So, What Are The 5 Big Lies Doctors Tell Their Patients?

  1. Your disease and symptoms are hereditary.
  2. There’s no cure, so you must take drugs for the rest of your life.
  3. All natural remedies are quackery.
  4. When you get sick, see your doctor.
  5. Keep paying for ‘sick insurance’, because you need it when you get sick.

Because 99% of every sick person believes these 5 lies, spanning 3 generations now, we now have more illness than ever before in the history of the world! What do politicians do to try to help? Force everyone to pay for ‘sick insurance’, so we are all forced to perpetuate the biggest lie in the history of human health!

You do have a choice and you can cure yourself naturally – thousand have already this year! All you have to do is start eating and drinking what you know is absolutely 100% pesticide-free and 100% GMO-free, every day, then you will notice your health improving day by day. You can do this!





Dr Wayne
Food Scientist and Prolific Writer
It's a privilege to be writing for NaturalNews, because truth is so hard to find these days. Truth is not something you create, but find! If you are one of the fortunate few to find this truth, then you can finally be free from the pain and suffering so many others out there must endure every day of their life.

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