5 Best Water Workouts for Summer Fitness


Best Water Workouts

If your summer priorities are getting fit and staying cool, why not do them both at the same time?  Exercising in water can offer a host of fitness benefits including muscle toning, heart health and weight loss so whether you plan to spend the next few months poolside, at the beach or by a lake, here are five workouts in the water to you are going to love all summer long.

Stand-up Paddle boarding

500 calories/hr

Noted as one of this season’s newest and most popular workouts, stand-up paddle boarding combines fitness and fun in a calming and challenging package. Whether you’ve spent your day in the office or working hard on the construction site, paddle boarding is the perfect way to Zen out on the water. This physical activity is a whole body workout, helping you to tone and build muscle everywhere, not only your arms and shoulders and is considered one of the best water workouts.

As stand-up paddling is all about balancing, expect your core muscles to get an insane workout, improving your balance both on and off the board.  Paddle boarding also helps to make weight loss rapid and even easy, as this exercise scorches calories.

Water aerobics

400 calories/hr

Perfect for fitness class junkies and Zumba lovers alike, water aerobics classes will give you an amazing workout without ever feeling like you broke a sweat.  The muscular and aerobic benefits of a pool aerobics class will blow the fitness benefits of its land-based fitness course counterparts out of the water – literally – as working out in a pool provides ten times more resistance than on land.

Water aerobics is also very low impact, great for athletes recovering from an injury, the elderly or even pregnant women.  Best of all, you can do this activity all year long in an indoor pool with heated water if you are lucky.


450 calories/hr

Swimming is one of this season’s most versatile sports and can be done in any body of water which makes it one of the best water workouts.  Whether you prefer freestyle, breaststroke or even the doggy paddle, swimming will give you a host of health benefits.  Due to both the increased resistance and buoyancy that water provides, swimming works your muscles and works them harder, while giving your joints a rest.  Swimming also helps to improve your endurance and flexibility, increasing your overall physicality.

The 100 Best Swimming Drills (best water workouts version).


372 calories/hr

This water-based workout will give you amazing health benefits without ever having to get totally immersed in the water.  Whether you choose to paddle on a calm lake or choppy ocean, kayaking will improve your strength and muscle tone, especially muscles in your shoulders, arms and back.  Spending time in a kayak is also a great way to cross-train, giving your legs a break from aerobic activities like running hiking and cycling.

Make fitness both a priority and fun this summer by getting your exercise in the water.  Regardless of whether you choose to workout in a pool, lake or ocean, a water based workout will not only tone and build muscle, but also strengthen your heart and burn calories at the same time.  So grab your swimsuit, wetsuit or life vest and get fit.


200 calories/hr

If your summer plans include spending time at the beach, take a break from lying in the sand and hop on a surfboard.  Even if you are new to the sport, you will still gain the health benefits from an introductory surf lesson.  This physical activity combines both cardiovascular fitness and muscle building in one challenging workout.

While paddling to catch the perfect wave expect to work your back, shoulder and leg muscles along with working your heart.  A surfing session will also strengthen your core and improve your balance, as standing on your board requires lot of stability.

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