5 Benefits of Using Blue-Green Algae for Weight Loss


Blue-green algae was first used in natural healing circles as a mood enhancer, but increasingly, researchers are finding that it is also an excellent weight loss tool. While it is not as high in protein or Vitamin B-12 as its better-known cousin, spirulina, it is still nutritionally unique and well worth considering if you are trying to shed unwanted pounds.


In conjunction with a healthy diet, blue-green algae can have an alkalizing effect upon the body. This effect held to reduce weight and also prevent further weight gain from occurring. This alkalizing power comes from its chlorophyll; blue-green algae is one of the greatest sources of chlorophyll on the planet.


Stress raises the hormone cortisol in the body, and elevated cortisol levels are linked to weight gain. Blue green algae, however, can fight stress through one of this active chemicals known as PEA, which stimulates the release of serotonin, a hormone which alleviates anxiety and increases energy levels.

Curbs Hunger

One of the hardest parts of sticking to a diet is appetite control – at times, it feels like you are hungry all the time! Blue-green algae has a solution for this problem, too: it is great at curbing the appetite and hunger pains, thus reducing the chance of binging or stress eating. If, for instance, you add some of this powder to a smoothie, you will feel fuller much longer and this can help reduce overall caloric intake.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Unstable blood sugar levels are not only unhealthy for the entire body, they can also cause strong hunger cravings and also lead to weight problems because of overeating; blue green algae can help with this. It reduces insulin levels (which encourage the body to store fat) and curbs the craving for sweets in particular.


Toxins come from all around us – in our air, water and the food we eat. A build-up of toxins in the body can also lead to build-up of fat. Blue-green algae, however, will help detoxify the body and remove unwanted contaminants, which can promote weight loss and healthier digestion.

These are just some of the many reasons why blue-green algae should be considered as part of a healthy and natural weight loss plan. Because of its appetite-suppressing qualities, as well as its ability to boost metabolism and energy levels and also regulate the blood sugars, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a supplement to help achieve weight loss goals. More good news: taking blue-green algae is possible even when you are taking spirulina, and a combination of the two has been shown to work even more effectively than either by itself. So go on – see what a little blue-green algae can do for you!

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