5 Benefits of Consuming Apple Cider Vinegar That You Could Never Think of!


Apple cider vinegar is only useful for your salad? Well, it is much more beneficial than you thought, there are many ways of how can this liquid be used.

You have probably heard that apple cider vinegar is one of the healthiest of them all.  It is made from the fermented sugar of the apples, providing the ingredient most important for vinegar –acetic acid.

Apple cider vinegar’s usage is dating back in ancient time, when people used it both as a food ingredient as well as a medicine. Nowadays, there is a buzz about the ‘cleansing diets’ and apple-cider vinegar is part of it.

The following are some of the benefits that you can get by consuming apple cider vinegar:

  1. Apple cider vinegar will improve the blood sugar levels

By drinking apple cider vinegar prior the meal which contains high amount of carbs, it will improve the sensitivity of the insulin, which in return will slow the sugar rate in the blood from rising. The effects of this are similar to medications such as metformin and acarbose, which are for preventing type 2 diabetes as well as taken by people who are insulin resistant.


  1. Apple cider vinegar reduces blood pressure

It is known that apple cider vinegar can protect your health and heart as well. By preventing the oxidation of the LDL (also known as the good cholesterol) it will lower the atherosclerosis (blockade of the arteries which might cause heart attack).

There are several animal studies done which show that it relaxes the blood vessels, which on the long run means better cardiovascular system.


  1. Apple cider vinegar helps with the digestion

Mixing apple cider (2tbs) with water and drinking it can improve the digestion process if it is taken 15 minutes prior a meal. It is helpful because real (unpasteurized, raw) apple cider contains many amino acids as well as live enzymes which stimulate the digestive juices in the stomach, providing with a positive effect. This also reduces hunger, and helps with weight loss. Furthermore, it also helps for detoxification of your liver. If you want to know more about weight loss and detox, check this out:

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  1. Apple cider vinegar helps with the skin problems

By consuming but also using apple cider as a tonic, the skin problems such as acne will be gone. Wondering how? It’s simple. The apple cider will help with balancing the pH level of the skin, which in turn will result with smooth and silky skin.


  1. Apple cider vinegar kills bacteria

Have a sore throat? Have some vinegar! The apple cider vinegar has antibacterial effects which help in the fight with various infections. The secret is in the acidity of the vinegar which helps in the decreasing in the pH of the tissue which in turn helps the prevention of bacteria growth. A recent study (from 2014), have shown that the acetic acid also acts as a disinfectant against the tuberculosis (TB) bacteria which is drug resistant. Vinegar with its antimicrobial and anti-fungal characteristics, also helps in the control the spreading of candida fugus in the intestines, which is a common problem of diabetics.


Although apple cider vinegar is very beneficial, you should take in consideration that after all, it is still an acidic liquid, and it should not be overly consumed. Find out more about the side-effects of apple-cider vinegar here.

Angela Gjekanovikj