5 Anti-Aging Superfoods You Should Eat


Many people may be skeptical that eating certain foods can actually add years to their lives – but it is true! Foods which are rich in anti-oxidants, in particular, are great for this, as they help reduce the oxidative damage done to your body’s tissues as it ages. Not only does this help almost reverse the aging process, it can also reduce your risk of developing some forms of cancer and can help manage some inflammatory processes like arthritis. Below are five anti-oxidant rich foods that can keep your body young and healthy naturally.

Olive Oil

Although it is an oil, this is one of the healthiest things to include in your diet. Olive oil is a rich source of healthy monounsaturated fats which can promote longevity through cardiac health and a reduced risk of cancer. It is also a good source of oleic acid, which has powerful antioxidant properties to help reverse the oxidative effects of aging. Many researchers believe that high olive oil consumption rates are responsible for longevity of the native on the island of Crete.


Natives of Georgia in the former Soviet Union have some of the highest rates of centenarians in the world – and also some of the highest rates of yogurt consumption, which is a staple in their diet. These age-defying benefits in yogurt likely stem from the fact that it is rich in calcium to help stave off osteoporosis, protein to nourish the muscles, and probiotic bacteria to promote a healthy digestion and strong immune system.


The Inuit natives in Alaska have remarkably low incidence of heart disease, and researchers after studying the eating habits of this tribe, concluded that this was in part due to their high rate of fish consumption. Fish – especially cold water, fatty fish like salmon – is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that promote cardiac and immune system health and reduce free radical damage done to the tissues as the body ages.


The Kuna people, natives of the San Blas islands off the coast of Panama, also have rate of heart disease that is approximately one-tenth of that of mainland Panamanians. The secret to this seems to be the large amount of the cocoa-based beverage that they consume on a daily basis. Cocoa is rich in an antioxidant called flavanol, which is linked to the health of blood vessels and can promote good circulation and a strong immune system.


Studies done on the Seventh Day Adventists, a Christian denomination which emphasizes a vegetarian diet and therefore consumes large amounts of plant-based proteins like those found in nuts, found that those who followed this diet had, on average, and extra two and a half years of life. This is likely because nuts are rich in the healthy monounsaturated fat which offers cardiac health benefits as well as being high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Including these five foods into your diets is easy, as they are versatile and can fit into many cuisines. And it is also worth it since the antioxidants these superfoods contain can often help reverse some of the aging process and have you feeling younger, with more energy and a strengthened immune system which can add years to your life.

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