5 Amazing Ways To Use Pure Aloe Vera Gel For A Healthy And Rejuvenated Skin


Aloe vera has been used for centuries to promote a healthy and rejuvenated skin. It was one of Cleopatra’s favorite beauty secrets. She used to cover her body with the healing gel as a part of her daily beauty routine. And a beauty she was, if we may believe ancient history.

Aloe vera’s succulent leaves store a gel-like juice with powerful protective and healing properties which are medically recognized and used in many over-the-counter lotions, creams, and other cosmetics. But actually, this natural ointment does not need any processing at all to be effective. The only thing you need to do is break off a leaf, scrap out the gel and let it to do its magic.

Here are my 5 favorite ways of using pure aloe vera gel for a healthy and young looking skin.


1.    Treat Minor Burns And Sunburns

The gel has a cooling effect, and heals and moisturizes minor burns or sunburns. The only thing you need to do is open up a leaf and rub the inside over your skin to find instant relief. It’s actually the best after-sun lotion I ever used.


2.    Soothe Rashes And Irritated skin

The gel is a rich source of anti-microbial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory compounds which can be used to treat a wide range of skin problems such as eczema, rashes, psoriasis, and acne. It reduces inflammation, promotes cell renewal, and cools and moisturizes the skin.


3.    Anti-aging And Moisturizing Properties

The gel leaves your skin well hydrated and nourished. It’s packed with vitamin C, E, and beta carotene which are all known for their free radical fighting and anti-aging properties. That’s why we see aloe vera popping up in many commercially available lotions and creams. Always opt for organic brands that don’t contain harsh chemicals or try and make your own.  Click here to get my 3 favorite homemade lotions with healing aloe vera gel.


4.    Reduce The Appearance Of Stretch Marks

When our skin gets stretched beyond its limits (due to pregnancy or fast weight gain or loss), minor tears appear in the top layer of our skin. Applying aloe vera gel on a daily basis helps to heal these wounds and reduce the visibility of scars and stretch marks.


5.    Soothe Insect Bites

Aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory and cooling effect works wonders to soothe itchy bug bites. Harvest the leaves or buy pure organic aloe vera gel if you don’t have your own plants and store in your fridge during summer. The extra cold will enhance its cooling effect and help to reduce the itch.


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Amy Goodrich
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