5 Amazing Benefits Of Massage Therapy And Why You Should Get One Regularly


The trend of massage therapy is growing more than ever.

After a stressful and tiresome day at work, people love to get a relaxing massage at their favorite spa, possibly with a cup of green tea.

But, what makes massage therapy so popular? Here’s a list of five amazing reasons why people get massages and why you should too.

1. Massage is a great stress reliever

Massage relaxes your muscles and helps reduce the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, in your body.

With reduced amount of cortisol, your mind moves to a relaxed state making your stress go away.

2. Massage prevents lactic acid built in your body

The pressure applied during the massage therapy pushes the blood to the most congested areas in your body.

This promotes better movement of oxygen into the cells reducing the formation of lactic acid.

3. Massage lowers your blood pressure

Massage also promotes in active circulation of lymph, fluid responsible for maintaining your blood pressure.

4. Massage reduces your migraines

Massage gets rid of the factors and triggers associated with your migraine.

Be it your mood or stress, massage therapy relaxes your body as whole to relieve you from your chronic migraines.

5. Massage works great for back pain

Massage helps improve natural movement of your body and reduces muscle tension.

This makes your back retreat to its original state improving its mobility.

Bottom line

Getting regular massage therapy is definitely beneficial to you for your everyday life. But if it’s not possible for you to incorporate these sessions regularly, I suggest you go for massage chairs.

Today’s new and sophisticated massage chairs provide near-human massage experience. You can find numerous massage chair brands in the market, if possible go for Japanese massage chairs as they are durable, sturdy and a great value for your money.


Ranjit is a massage enthusiast and specializes in massage chairs. He occasionally writes for massager.org.

Ranjit Bhatta
Ranjit is a huge natural and organic product lover and tries to incorporate them in his daily life. His goal is to share his success with nature while keeping up with the modern needs. He is a big fan of Ayurveda, specially Shilajit - an Ayurvedic panacea. Besides nature, he's an avid massage lover specializing in massage chairs.