48 Raw Vegan Recipes for Every Occasion


Besides a few raw veggie and fruit snacks, most of us have not grown up eating raw food regularly. Because of this lack of experience with raw food preparation, it can be hard to come up with delicious recipes off the top of our heads. How nice it is to have some recipes available at your fingertips!

Below are four free lists of various types of raw recipes.

With these lists you will have 48 great raw recipe ideas to try. Be inspired to throw a fancy raw party, lose weight with raw vegan smoothies, insure gut health with easy to make fermented foods, and keep interesting healthy raw snacks available at all times.

These list are great to download or to keep bookmarked for easy reference.

Fancy Raw Gourmet Party with Russell James

Russell James is a raw food chef that offers many inspiring courses for budding and experienced raw foodists. In 2004, after years of feeling lousy and dealing with acne, he started a raw food diet. Now he is an inspirational raw food teacher to millions of people (1). The best part, he has a great FREE recipe guide with 10 delicious gourmet ideas.

This guide covers everything that you would need to throw a very fancy raw food party. Start the party with dehydrated nachos with guacamole and pico de gallo, move on to spinach avocado soup, and finish with courgette fettuccine made with zucchini noodles as the main course. Then for dessert, serve delicious cacao crepes and cashew créme fraîche with summer berries and chocolate sauce. Your guests will be amazed!

Get all 10 free recipes HERE. Scroll down about mid-way to get the free recipe guide.

Weight Loss with Tasty Smoothies

Looking for a easy and delicious weight loss solution? Why not try smoothies? They are easy to make and filling. Even if weight loss is not your goal, a raw vegan smoothie is a great way to start your day off or energize between meals.

This article lists 14 recipes of very healthy raw vegan smoothies that are great for weight loss. There is even information about the health benefits each smoothie offers, giving you some further inspiration for creating healthy eating habits.

Check out the full list HERE.

Gut Friendly – Probiotics Made on Your Counter Top

Probiotics have been reported to have a wide variety of health benefits such as digestive health, improved brain function, lowered cholesterol, and lowered blood pressure, among many more (2). There is also the added benefit that fermented foods are delicious!

This list of 9 fermented food recipes starts with a guide to fermenting food at home. This will ease you into the idea of fermentation, because it can be intimidating. After you read the introduction though you will realize how simple it is, and jump right into the recipes. Simple Sauerkraut, pickles, and pear chutney, are just a few of the great recipes on this list.

Check out full list HERE.

Raw Snacks – Kale Chips of all Flavours

Kale is full of nutrients. It offers protein, fiber, lots of vitamins, folate, omega-3, and more (3). It is affordable and, for the gardeners out there, very easy to grow. When dehydrated into kale chips they become a satisfying crunchy salty (or sweet) snack without losing any nutritional value.

This list shares 15 flavour ideas for kale chips. It is not 100% vegan, having Parmesan cheese in one recipe, but it was too good not to include. It has pizzafied kale chips, that uses hummus and tomato paste with herbs, and cocoa and cayenne dusted kale chips, that mixes sweet and spicy for a unique experience, plus some classic chip flavours like salt and vinegar, and vegan sour cream and onion.

Check out the full list HERE.

Have Fun Exploring Raw Vegan Food

Tell me about your favourite recipe resources, so I can add them to my bookmarks. 🙂

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A science enthusiast with a keen interest in health nutrition, Antonia has been intensely researching various dieting routines for several years now, weighing their highs and their lows, to bring readers the most interesting info and news in the field. While she is very excited about a high raw diet, she likes to keep a fair and balanced approach towards non-raw methods of food preparation as well. (http://www.rawfoodhealthwatch.com/)