4 Ways Yoga and Meditation Can Change Everything About You


Good health and peace of mind are easily within the reach of anyone who is willing to invest just a few minutes a day in the practice of yoga and meditation. A large volume of research, as well as the experiences of millions of practitioners worldwide stand as testimony to this. Let’s take a look at four ways, yoga and meditation can change your life completely.

#1 Improve Your Flexibility

This may seem rather obvious, considering that hatha yoga involves all those postures and asanas. But hatha yoga also allows one to improve posture, and do away with a range of bone and muscle-related issues. Of course, if you happen to be suffering from any physical ailments, always check with your doctor first before getting into yoga.

Hatha Yoga is also only one of many types of yoga. Other forms of yoga also help one with flexibility, and can also do a lot for one’s mental outlook in life, which also reflects in the increased flexibility of the body.

#2 Weight Loss

Another no-brainer perhaps, but regardless of what sort of yoga you do, if it has been taught in the proper way and you stick to the practice, your weight reach its optimum state. If you started out with excess weight, yoga helps you lose it. If you started out underweight, yoga helps you gain some. Yoga for weight loss is a great option, because it also does away with any needs or urges to eat when the body doesn’t need food.

#3 Better Perspective

Yoga also works as a natural remedy for stress and anxiety, and can help you gain a balanced perspective on what’s happening in your life. By calming nerves and toning down our fight or flight response, yoga helps us look at both the pluses and minuses of a situation with greater clarity.

#4 Better Relationships

There has been a lot written about tantra yoga and sexuality, but that’s not what is being referred to here! By helping us gain a better perspective, yoga and meditation also allow us to relate better to people around us, whether friends, family, coworkers or even strangers. By eliminating the fight or flight response, yoga allows us to eliminate the attitude of suspicion that we might develop when working for our survival in the world. This helps us look at people and perceive them for what they are, paving the way for better relationships.

Ananya Mathur