4 Main Uses For Castor Oil


The health benefits of castor oil have been known for centuries. Seeds of the castor plant are pressed to produce the lightweight oil that has become commonplace in all kinds of beauty and healthcare products. It can be found in everything from makeup, lotions, medical ointments, lubricants and laxatives. In India, it was used to correct everything from constipation to acne and a wide variety of conditions in between.

Pain Relief/Joint Health

Cotton cloths soaked in the oil and placed or wrapped around swollen joints are said to relieve both pain and inflammation. Because of its lightweight texture, it absorbs easily into the skin and can immediately begin to act on injured tissues. It heats up the tissues, allowing them to release the toxins and fluids that cause the inflammation and subsequently, reduces the amount of discomfort. It has been used for decades as an effective alternative remedy for various types of arthritis and degenerative bone disease.

Skin Care

Castor oil is ideal for topical use. It absorbs easily into the skin, providing much needed moisture and enters the blood stream to nourish affected areas within the body. Its antimicrobial nature works to rid the skin of bacteria and debris that can eventually turn into acne, pimples and blemishes. While it destroys the elements that can speed up the aging process, it provides much needed nutrients that keep the skin supple and smooth.


Constipation can make a person extremely uncomfortable. Using castor oil packs placed on the stomach or lower back is thought to provide the necessary lubrication needed to correct constipation and get the bowel functioning again. Because it has antimicrobial properties in addition to its ability to help remove blockages throughout the system, it works well as part of an efficient detoxification program. When used in conjunction with other alternative therapies, its ability to relieve constipation can be the added touch to help the body regain its delicate balance.


One of the main health benefits of castor oil is its strong antimicrobial properties. In addition to being able to reduce bacteria and aid in the elimination of debris and blockages, it also works as an effective booster for the immune system. It helps the fluids within the body move more thoroughly throughout the system, sweeping away toxins and other contaminants that break down the tissues and cause the immune system to become sluggish and susceptible to illness and disease.

Castor oil is extremely versatile in how it can be applied to the body. The health benefits of castor oil present themselves know matter how it is used. Cloth packs soaked in the oil, as a topical agent or as an ingredient in various types of medicines, such as laxatives or detoxification programs, it provides users with a very versatile product that helps correct several different issues at one time.

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