4 Health Benefits of Maca Hot Chocolate and Maca Coffee


Most people who are on board with a healthy dietary lifestyle likely tossed their packets of powdery hot chocolate mixes a long time ago (if they ever even purchased any at all). Chances are, they’re also skeptical of coffee too; studies see-saw about its pros and cons, with some saying it helps boost memory and might even fight off obesity-related disease, while others say it wreaks havoc on the body and provides it with false energy levels.

Thank goodness for the ability to use significantly healthier, more natural foods to create delicious hot chocolate and coffee alternatives!

One such person who knows all about such alternatives is Pauline Hanuise, a certified Holistic Recovery and Health Coach who has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine as one of the top five healthy women that everyone should know. Her recipe for maca hot chocolate is something she absolutely adores; she says it’s a “. . . a warm comfy drink that will give a gentle boost” and that it’s “. . . much healthier (and also tastier) than coffee.”(1)


Maca Hot Chocolate Recipe

Serves one.


1 cup of almond milk (that’s my favorite, although she says any milk substitute will do)
1 heaping teaspoon maca powder
1 heaping teaspoon cacao powder
1 pinch cinnamon


Cacao nibs
Or any other toppings you prefer


1. Heat almond milk on the stovetop
2. Mix heated milk and remaining ingredients in a blender
3. Add toppings


Other hot maca drink recipes I’ve come across, such as maca “coffee,” are similar to the above minus the cacao powder and toppings and with the addition of some maple syrup.


The Health Benefits of Hot Maca Drinks

Tempted by those hot chocolates and holiday coffee blends that just about every shop seems to have these days? Sure, they may sound good, but did you know that a Starbucks Gingerbread latte can have up to 440 calories? Personally, the ongoing debacle of iffy ingredients there like asthma-producing chemicals such as Azodicarbonamide or using milk that comes from cows injected with antibiotics, keeps me far away from Starbucks and similar coffee shops.(2,3)

At Dunkin’ Donuts, a large Snickerdoodle Cookie latte with whole milk and a bit of whipped topping has about 450 calories.(3)

Some eggnog blends have over 700 calories.


Applause for healthier substitutions like hot maca drinks.

Maca has been around for more than 2,000 years, and has been shown to have a multitude of health benefits.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Studies have discovered that maca can help lower blood pressure. It contains compounds that prevent an enzyme responsible for hypertension from working as effectively, therefore keeping blood pressure in check.(4)

Bolsters Energy

Several articles and studies have linked maca consumption to increased energy, particularly among athletes. Overall, timing in certain sports events has improved after ingesting maca and people report more energy in general.(4)

Boosts Sex Drive

Wait a minute. Maca can get you in the mood? According to several studies and even historical details from thousands of years ago, maca is associated with surges in libido. One small study, published in the Journal of Andrology showed that Maca increased sex drive up to 200 percent and even doubled sperm production. It’s thought that maca’s unique combination of minerals, enzymes and essential amino acids are responsible for creating a balance to the body that enhances sexual desire.(5)

Improves Mental Ability

Maca also does wonders when it comes to keeping mental clarity in tact as it helps diminish feelings of depression while also boosting cognitive function.(4)

While I use maca on a fairly regular basis, I have yet to try it as a hot drink. After reading this recipe and being reminded of its health benefits, I’m looking forward to trying these hot chocolate and coffee alternatives.

What are your thoughts?

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