4 Foods That Behave Like Addictive Drugs In Your Body


On the surface something like addiction seems to be pretty cut and dry. However, there are so many different types of addiction out there and so many addicts hiding their demons that the broader social community is quick to realize, addictions faces and telltale signs are many. Some of the worst types of addicts are with food; here are some foods where addiction and the food types go hand in hand.

  • Meat: If you are a carnivore you might certainly appreciate the succulence you feel when biting into a nice lean piece of filet mignon. But the propensity towards addiction with something as common as the hamburger or the ham sandwich is starling. Chemicals found in meat include hemoglobin, gamma globin, and albumin; these are all active opioid receptors. For those treated with drugs blocking opiate receptors the meat falls off the table.
  • Wheat: There is a protein in wheat, which has an opiate activity called Gliadin. This chemical, along with a similar protein in rice, has an addictive trap on the mind and body.
  • Sugar: Announcing to the world that something like sugar has addictive qualities would surprise almost no one. The study, however, goes on. Apparently rats like Oreo cookies and the comparisons were those between things like cocaine and morphine. Narcotic blockers can reverse this effect, but substituting a pill for a cookie is like the lesser of two evils.
  • Dairy: Maybe the biggest types of food which have been studied for their addictive propensity is diary. Milk and cheese include agents that are horribly difficult to wean yourself off of. Actually the drugs, which block casomorphins, include the same medicines that reverse drug overdoses in the emergency room. Dairy has its tentacles on so many portions of our lives and long-term health consequences are easy to see. Obesity is rampant and we eat five times as much cheese as we did a few decades ago.

Addiction can take on many forms and people can be addicted to all manner of things. Of course calling any thing addictive can be controversial because there are two sides to every story and for every person who calls one an addict there is the person in question who sees no problem with the behavior they are engaged in.

One good way to keep yourself from diddling in foods like these is to not keep them around the house or office. Start the day with a good breakfast, swap out these foods with ones that stabilize the blood sugar like nuts, seeds, fruits, and whole grains, and just keep this stuff out from your reach! No one said the addiction from food was an easy one to overcome but you need to do your part in making sure that you keep yourself, your family, and your loved ones as healthy as you possibly can.

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