4 Calm-Down Drinks that Lower Stress Naturally


In our stressful world a nice, warm stress-relieving cup of tea can be just what the doctor ordered.  In fact, experts say that there are a number of drinks that you can make yourself that will help you calm down at the end of a long, hard day (or in the middle of it, or at the beginning of it).

At-Home Recipes

What is even better is that these drinks do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. These can be prepared right at home.  No need to stop at the coffee house. Simply buy the ingredients once and make several cups of your favorite ‘relaxation drink’.  Affordable, easy, and delicious. What’s not to love?

1) Warm milk: This drink is a great stress reliever and a cure for sleepless nights.  You already know that hot milk is a tried and true remedy, passed down by moms everywhere, but you might not know that it is the amino acids in the milk that helps you relax and go to sleep.  Tryptophan (just like that in turkey) helps us fall asleep and if you add honey to your milk will also add some antioxidants.

2) Herbal tea: Herbal teas are caffeine-free, and typically very tasty.  Lemon balm and valerian are some of the most relaxing herbal teas, but really any herbal tea that you enjoy can be a great relaxer.  You can brew your own from raw herbs or buy herbal tea bags at the grocery store.

3) Herbal tea with honey:  Not a fan of herbal tea? You can add honey!  As stated before, adding honey will add antioxidants, too.  You could always add a bit of honey to your cup, or you could steep the herbs in honey.  Infuse your herbs in just enough honey to cover them, and let that sit for two weeks.  Mix a tablespoon of this mixture with hot water or hot milk.  Enjoy!

4) Green tea:  Finally we have green tea.  Green tea is one of everyone’s favorite stress relieving drinks, and has long been touted as a healthy ‘superfood’, and stress relief is among its many benefits.  It naturally contains theanine, which is a calming agent.  However, make sure you choose decaffeinated tea, so the theanine predominates.  Drink this all day, or whenever you feel stress.

Stress is a reality, but we can do something about it!  Drink up.  Every night, enjoy a warm cup of tea or milk before you head to bed or perhaps drink some tea all day long and see how relaxed you feel.

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