3 Ways To Naturally Clean Your Teeth


A lot of people seem to neglect the amazing properties that most natural products have when it comes to treating a variety of health issues – whether in their organic forms or when processed into a natural product or supplement. I think one surprising area where natural products are highly effective, is oral hygiene.  – And it’s one of the most important factors in keeping your body healthy and well regulated. As a matter of fact, recent studies have shown that roughly 80-85% of bacteria that can cause or lead to heart disease are found in our mouths and the plague that forms there! So it’s important to keep your mouth clean for more reasons than simply having a nice smile or fresh breath.

Like most of us, I’ve used normal fluoride based toothpaste for most of my life – largely because I never really knew there were any alternatives and secondly because I never thought there was anything wrong with them – even though one of the most obvious downsides of using fluoride toothpaste happened to me after every rinse. I’m referring to that dry, cotton-like feeling that happens to your mouth after you rinse when using the paste. It’s really uncomfortable and can actually worsen your breath – rather ironically.

As I grew up, I used to treat this with antibacterial mouthwash which worked a bit, but still left me with a dry mouth and sensitive teeth afterwards. There are other toothpastes or mouth products that are designed to help tooth sensitivity, but these cost a small fortune and still leave you with a dry mouth. It was at this point that I started researching natural methods of keeping your teeth clean and what I found really surprised me. There are so much cheaper, non-toxic and purely organic methods out there, that I still don’t really know why most of us are using standard mouth care products. So, in an attempt to open your eyes to countless healthy and cost-saving options out there, I’ve listed a 3 of them below – and hope you’ll work for you as they have for me.

Oil Pulling

This is one of the oldest oral hygiene techniques in human history and has been used in Ayurvedic healing practices for more that 3000 years! Anything that’s managed to stand the test of time for that long must have some element of truth behind it – but after trying it myself, and I can definitely confirm that it works. It’s real simple too!

Basically, oil pulling is just swishing an oil around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes and then rinsing it out. It works as a natural antibacterial mouthwash and helps to extract any germs or bacteria that may be lingering in your gums or cavities, as well as ridding you of bad breath and even helping to treat acne by stimulating cell regeneration in the skin layer around your mouth.

I recommend using Coconut, Canola, Sesame or Olive oil for this process. You can even mix a few drops of essential oil into the oil to strengthen its healing properties and help ward off any bacteria. Oils such as peppermint, tea tree or eucalyptus work like a charm in your mouth and will also give you fresher smelling breath.

Natural Toothpaste

A great way to get the same effect on your teeth as you do with normal toothpaste is to switch your fluoride based option, with a homemade DIY recipe that is as effective as the shelf-bought stuff, it’s just a lot healthier and won’t dry your mouth out either!

To do this, all you will need is:

– ½ cup of Coconut Oil
– 3 tablespoons of Baking Powder or 4 tablespoons of Xylitol
– 20 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
– 10 drops of Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Oil
-A small glass jar or sturdy plastic container

Making the toothpaste couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is melt the coconut oil in a pot or pan. Once the oil is in liquid form, add all the other ingredients starting with the baking powder/xylitol and then pouring in the essential oils. Make sure you keep stirring the liquid so that all the ingredients dissolve into the mixture. Now, take the pot or pan off the heat and allow the mixture to cool. As it begins to harden, decant the mixture into the the glass or plastic container and store in a cool, dry cupboard out of direct sunlight.

To use, simply dip your toothbrush into the jar and spread a little on the bristles. Then simply brush normally and rinse afterwards. And voila! DIY natural toothpaste alternative!

Natural Strawberry Teeth Whitener

Over the years, the amount of tannins that our teeth come into contact with through the food we eat, wine, tea and coffee that we eat is immense! What are tannins you might ask? These are naturally occurring compounds (polyphenols) that add colour to certain foods as well as the rinds of certain fruits. They generally occur in food produced from plants and are strong natural antioxidants – so are really great for flushing out any toxins in your bloodstream.

However, the one downside to tannins is that they cause discolouration in our teeth and often cause them to go yellow over time. Some people turn to really expensive teeth whitening treatments that generally make your teeth look unnaturally white and also involve the use of some really nasty chemicals.

I recommend using a strawberry teeth whitener on  daily basis as a way of prolonging tooth discolouration and saving you a tonne of cash on costly teeth whitening treatments. It’s literally as easy as crushing up about 4-5 strawberries and rubbing the paste on your teeth. Then simply rinse the paste off and you’ll start seeing the results quickly. I recommend doing this after brushing with your natural toothpaste and oil pulling in the morning (so just before you go to bed). Plus you’ll always have strawberries around the house which is a huge bonus!

Ultimately, oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of leading a healthy life – anyone who’s ever had toothache or a serious abscess will tell you that. Yet leading a healthy life shouldn’t mean forking out heaps of cash for treatments that make you feel uncomfortable or are made up of ingredients that you can hardly pronounce, let alone understand. As with most things in life, there’s generally a healthier, natural alternative that can save you money and keep you healthier for longer – all you have to do is make the switch. I’ve been using natural oral hygiene products for some time now and have only had success.

So I always say why not give them a chance? They cost less and can only do good – worst case scenario is that they don’t work as well as you’d like them to and you go back to what you were doing, but if you follow the recipes correctly you should have nothing but a clean smile, fresh breath and more cash in your wallet at the end of each month.


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