3 Ways the Information Age and Content Marketing Influence Society


The Information Age, which is also known as New Media Age, Digital Age, and Computer Age, is a period in our history when the economy is almost completely based on the computerization of information. It reflects very distinct changes compared to when the world was amazed with the traditional industrialization brought about by the Industrial Revolution. For more than a century, there had been huge changes in our society. The information technology has massively influenced many of our ways of living today.

Quick Access to Information

Before, people have to go to the library or buy encyclopedia sets just so they can have access to information on different subjects and topics. Today, a single laptop and a high speed internet connection is all you need to access almost any information that you want to know about. A few clicks on the mouse and taps on the keyboard can quickly lead you to the right web page that will provide you the information you need.

According to Internet Live Stats, there are now more than 3.2 billion Internet users around the world at a particular time, while there are more than 900 million available websites. A few decades ago, these people are most probably sitting inside libraries or their own homes holding books such as encyclopedias and almanacs.

Online Shopping

Also known as online retail or business to consumer, online shopping is the most common form of commerce on the Web. In 2013, according to Statista, around 41% of the consumers around the world have purchased products through online shopping. In 2015, China is the leading country in terms of online purchases during the last month. Online hopping is also thriving in other countries such as Brazil, Germany, India and United Kingdom. The latest statistics form Statista also shows that the business to consumer form of e-commerce sales has already reached the value of $1.471 trillion worldwide.

Without online shopping, we can just imagine how congested malls, supermarkets, trade centers, and other shopping centers are. This will surely create a daily scene of heavy traffic and too crowded public and business places. But thanks to the Internet and its inventors, we can now purchase almost anything we want at the comforts of our own homes. This allows us to save on time, money and effort.

Leveled Playing Field for Businesses

The lack of enough capital is what sets the line between businesses. Usually, small to medium size businesses are always challenged with the fact that they have to compete with the big ones, which are more financially capable. In other words, big businesses have enough money for expensive advertising strategies such as TV commercials.

With the Internet, any size of businesses can have websites at very minimal costs and successfully promote their brands. In 2014, according to Statistic Brain Research Institute, 53% of small businesses have websites. With unique and informative content, they can drive significant traffic to their websites, which is essential in ensuring higher sales and revenue from the use of digital marketing strategies.

With these, there have been major changes in the way we live now. The economy is one aspect where the Information Age and content marketing has a huge impact and influence on.


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James Jacobs