3 Ways To Control Sugar Cravings


So I think we can all come to the conclusion that people who claim to not like sugar are either psychologically ill, not human, or both. That craving for sugar is evident in all of us and it manifests itself, typically when we’re shopping in the junk food isle at the grocery store or out in public and we see someone enjoying the scrumptious taste of a sugar cookie.

True, we all love sugar (or at least we sane people do) and sometimes we can find ourselves consuming a lot of it despite the known and obvious ramifications it has on our health. We’re told from a young age to stay away from eating too much sugar, but by God, most of the time we just couldn’t, and still can’t, help ourselves.

However, some of you reading this may have decided to battle the status quo and cut back on your sugar intake, or are in the process of doing so with little success. And that’s okay, it’s definitely no easy process. And to be honest, I’m no doctor. Well, I don’t have an M.D., but my friends call me ‘The Doctor” (if that counts for anything). But I can suggest a few methods for those of you brave soles looking to cut back on your sugar intake.

Cold Turkey

“Seriously, bro? I’m looking for other ways, besides cold turkey, to cut back on my sugar intake. Why are you suggesting this first?”

Now now, no need to whine anonymous reader. While it may seem obvious, cold turkey is no doubt the quickest, and more importantly, the cheapest way to stop your sugar binge. I won’t lie though, doctoral opinion agrees that the first 48 to 72 hours are going to be rough. Really rough. Sugar withdraw is definitely real, and you could be greeted in your battle against the sugar munchies with mild shakes.

But, people have survived cold turkey and you can too. And besides, when your get through it, think of all the bragging you can do to your sugar binging friends.

Reach for Fruit

“But wait, isn’t fruit the arch enemy of the evil sugar? How can fruit help stop my nonstop sugar cravings?”

True, we tend to view fruit and sugar as polar opposites, but fruit provides fiber and nutrients along with some sweetness. Also, stocking up on nuts and seeds and munching on them when sugar starts a callin’ can effectively eliminate that sugar craving.

Grab Some Gum

“WHAT!? Absolutely not! Every time someone at the office realizes I have gum on me, they won’t leave me alone until I give them a piece and then it turns into this vicious cycle where everyone who doesn’t have gum continues to bother me until they get a piece too.”

I understand your pain. Sometimes hearing the worlds, “Hey, can I have a piece of gum,” hurts me more than the sugar cravings. But chewing on a piece of gum has been medically proven to reduce food cravings, and it’s inexpensiveness as well as convenience makes it a helpful ally in your battle against excessive sugar intake.

Well there you have it. If you’re thinking of cutting back on sugar, then I wish you the best of luck and hope the information above is helpful. A lot of people fight this battle and while some get through it, some don’t. And if you ever think of raising the white flag and yelling, “I surrender”, keep in mind that having victory is a much betetr alternative than having diabetes.

Onward, and good luck!