3 Simple Steps to Keeping Germs at Bay


Keeping Germs at Bay

Are you just a little freaked out about all the outbreaks of viruses like Ebola and others? Rather than living in fear of the unknown, what if you could take a few simple steps to protect yourself? If you’re tired of being the first one sick in your family and feeling at the mercy of lurking germs take a deep breath and read on.

Well-meaning doctors, the media, and other scare-tactic experts would have us believe that we are just helpless victims. The empowering truth is protecting yourself from disease has more to do with creating a healthy internal constitution than fighting against uncontrollable external factors.

But here’s the great news, most of the time viruses and infections are avoidable if we have nourished our body and prepared our internal defenses.  So what are the 3 things you can do to build up your resistance and protect yourself?

 Bolster your Nervous System

Many people don’t know the connection between the nervous system and the immune system, the health of one depends upon the health of the other. One great way to keep the nervous system running at optimal is to schedule regular chiropractic adjustments with a holistic minded chiropractor.   Secondly, don’t forget to be nice to your brain.  Exercise for your brain is just as important as exercising your muscles. Mental exercises such as puzzles and games are effective at training your memory and developing your critical thinking skills. Your brain also requires plenty of rest so it can strengthen circuits that help with memory. A good night’s sleep will help keep your brain functioning at its prime. Adult neurons use mainly glucose for energy. This means that you should not go too long without eating, or your brain’s processes will slow down. (See related Blog: Brain Workout)

 Protect Yourself with Food

Our modern diet contributes to weakened immunity and compromised health.  It wasn’t long ago that most food came from local farms and home grown gardens. Milk was consumed raw and the animals we ate were drug free and healthy.  We use to get a good amount of fresh air, sunshine and exposure to good microbes like those found

in pesticide free vegetables, cultured and raw foods, and nature (such as good clean dirt).  Enter the overly anti-bacterial, refined and processed, devoid of nutrition, world of today and you lose the battle of a healthy body that has great innate immune defenses.

 So what can you do if you don’t happen to live on a farm?As much as possible, avoid foods full of pesticides (Related Blog: Dirty Dozen). Eat more alkalizing foods and avoid acidic foods like refined flour and sugar, alcohol and excessive meat. Acid in your body depletes essential minerals and make a perfect home for unhealthy germs to thrive. Alkalizing foods include fruits, vegetables, sea vegetables, seeds and nuts, grains like amaranth, millet, quinoa can help make it an undesirable environment for germs and viruses.  Don’t forget to eat healthy yogurts, natural pickles and raw cheese to get good bacteria thriving in your body.  A digestive tract filled with good bacteria is no match for bad bugs.  Consider supplementing with a good probiotic. Lastly, get your essential minerals by consuming sea vegetables to supercharge your healthy flora.  A list would include agar, arame, dulse, kelp and nori.

All Natural Immune Boosting Medicine Chest

Most of us don’t think of essential oils for boosting the immune system but they can be the best and most economical way to prevent illness and keep germs at bay.  My favorites are from Young Living and include:

  • Thieves Essential Oil(a must-have for cold and flu season, a wonderful cleanser, germ-fighter, and immune supporter)
  • ImmunPower (a perfect blend to empower your immune defense)
  • Purification (Diffuse this blend into the air if in your home or office)
  • RC (wonderful for breathing issues)

So don’t sit back and read the frightening stories of the spread of today’s germ threats.  Take some positive action today and fight back!

Healthy Blessings,


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Sandy J Duncan
Sandy Duncan is completing her Doctorate in Integrative Medicine, a health and wellness coach, Certified Neurofeedback specialist and author of AllNaturalHealthReviews.org. Read honest reviews on current health and wellness products as well as register for FREE giveaways.